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Saturday, October 24, 2020

13+ Tutor Sites for Indians as well as foreign students and teachers

Nowadays online tutoring jobs have become a

trend.  Every subject specialist is enrolling in online tuition sites in India to take advantage of this.

   If you are a private school teacher or a working professional with a low salary, then you know how difficult it is to live a good life only on your fixed salary.

   We all need some additional income in addition to our fixed income, whether it is paying debt / debt, saving for the future, or paying for our needs such as marriage and education.

Online tuition is not only for a teacher but also for a person who is a subject matter expert and has some extra time.

   I searched several side jobs and found that the online teaching job is a perfect part-time job for someone who has expertise in subjects.

   Therefore, today we are going to discuss online teaching jobs and online tuition sites in India.  You can start online learning in India without investment.

   Each student needs a good and qualified teacher to teach them the subject so that they can increase their knowledge.

Nowadays online teaching work has become so new and modern and teachers have adopted this profession as part time job.

   The best part of this online tuition job is there is no earning limit.  It depends entirely on the type of subject and your command on the subject.

   Now students and professionals are shifting from classroom tuition to online tuition.  The reason for this is that they are getting convenience at their home through online tuition sites using the internet and for this they have to travel anywhere.  Online tutoring sites also provide time flexibility.

   Many online tutoring sites are available in this area and they are providing facilities to foreign students as well as Indians.

Here is a list of top tutor sites for Indians as well as foreign students ant teachers-

 List of Top Sites:

Chegg india







Many others sites are also famous in this field but I would like to prefer these sites

I provide here some more details to choose you for better collection:

Chegg india:

Based on my research, tuition is good for Chegg.  For every job you do, you earn $ 20 per hour and payment via PayPal is fast and automatic. 

 Chegg gives people the opportunity to work on their own free will and to focus on live lessons or written work as they see fit.

   This company is a great fit for tutors with skills in advanced or high-demand subjects.  These individuals can earn over $ 1,000 a month because the system almost always has student requests.  Does this sound like you?  Start an application today!

   If tutoring for a gig sounds like your thing, be sure to check out these other methods to earn money from home.

   Chegg India builds solutions for the primary chegg Study Board and handles multiple verticals of marketing and content support management.

   Chegg has a vast network of employees with offices in Delhi and Visakhapatnam supported by a team of managed network experts and regional managers who handle Pan India operations.

Create an account here

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Tutorvista is a learning platform that offers online one-on-one classes in any field.  You can do this

   Offers classes in mathematics, chemistry, physics, statistics and languages ​​to students around the world.

   To qualify as a tutor on this platform, you must have a master's degree in your field of interest.  You also need to be prepared to work at least 4 hours per day.

   The best thing about Tutorvista is its competitive salary.  They pay better than most other online tuition job platforms.

   Tutorvista pays between $ 9 and $ 25 per hour depending on your subject area and experience.

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Vedantu is India's leading online tuition site that helps students learn online with teachers in India.  

More than 500 teachers have enrolled and taught more than 40000 students.

   The process for the teacher to be listed on Vedanta is simple and quick.  You need to go through the online assessment and provide a teaching demo to their experts.  

The entire process can be completed within a week.

Create an account here

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Byju’s is currently one of the most popular online learning websites / apps.  This online tutoring website was launched by Mr. Byju Ravendran in 2011 in Bangalore.

   It is providing e-learning programs from class 1 to 12 and for competitive exams like JEE, IBPS exam, NEET, UPSC, and CAT, etc.

   This has created a great learning experience for the students.  It is helping thousands of students to fail competitive examinations and get high marks in board exams.

   This is a great platform for teachers and subject matter experts to join and earn a handsome amount.

Create an account here helps students learn difficult subjects and subjects and earn better grades by connecting them with well-qualified teachers.

   Whether you need help to understand a difficult subject and move on to the next level, they have tutors who can help the student achieve their educational goals

Create an account here

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Unacamdey is the fastest growing website in India.  They have designed and produced high-quality course materials that enable students to register for those courses. 

 They have 14000+ teachers who are continuously creating courses for students.

   You can register on this website and join as a tutor.  There is a fixed process of hiring a tutor, which you have to go through.

   Unacademy has 60+ exam categories with 10 lakh lessons.  They are taking 1500 online classes daily.

   It is providing online tuition jobs to hundreds of teachers.

Create an account here


TutorMe is a leading online tutoring site that provides on-demand tuition services.

   This platform helps thousands of tutors to share their knowledge with students from all over the world.  It provides attractive job for online tutor.

Whether you need help with high school science or you want to learn to program in marketing, they have the perfect tutor for you.

Create an account here

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   Tutority is a leading online tutor site that provides platform expert professional training providers, both individuals and institutions, to connect students and teachers.

Create an account here


Teacherson is a free website, trusted by hundreds of students and teachers across India.

   To contact students and find opportunities, you must first complete your learning profile.

   Once you complete your profile, you can contact students for possible opportunities.  Students can also contact you directly.

Create an account here

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Final words :

On-demand online tutor can earn 500 to 2000 rupees per hour through online tutor depending on the subject / subject as well as the difficulty of market demand.

   Many Indian teachers are earning handsome money by teaching students between 5-6 hours per day and up to Rs 80,000 per month.

   Teachers who are highly qualified and studying in top institutes like IIT & IIM will get Rs.  Can earn up to  1,50,000 per month and above.  

Teachers who are doing the right qualifications and qualifications like B.Ed., can earn long-term online income.

Many others sites are doing well for teachers as well students but above mentioned sites can help for teachers and students.

How do you think about this article, please mention in the comment box.

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  1. Online tutoring is becoming more and more common and it is a great job for students looking for part-time jobs. I really appreciate your efforts in preparing so much study material. Thank you for sharing this. Biology Home Tutor Lucknow