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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

How to earn money from BharatTutors?

  Tutors can find online tuition job, tuition, home tuition job, maths tutoring, tension, computer tuition and students can find IIT Entrance Coaching Classes, Group Tutor, Online Tutor, English Speaking Tutor, English Writing Tutor, Private Tutor, Home Tutor in Major cities of India. 

 So whether you are looking for tutor in Delhi, tutor in Mumbai, or online tutor in Bangalore look no further than  Apart from the above you can also find tutors in Hyderabad, and individual tutors in Kolkata, or tutors in Ahmedabad and other areas. 

 Students and tutors can search for free and contacts.  We provide online tutoring training, jobs and online tutoring tools to Indian tutors for tutoring in India.

  Virtually everything you need to find the right tutor is here.

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How online tuition works at BharatTutors:

   In the current era of the Internet, online tuition is gaining popularity day by day.  Equally, online tuition is the best tool for one-on-one tuition.

  The main advantage of online tutoring is that the tutor focuses all his attention on only one student during the entire tuition session. 

 When a student gets all the attention of a tutor, it makes a difference!

   In simple words, online tutoring is the way of performing tutoring activities using the Internet and its applications.  It is a process whereby a student learns with the use of the Internet by an expert tutor in a related subject. 

 Online tuition can be done by many web-based.  Some of the most common programs or applications are email, GTalk, instant messaging, online whiteboards (such as those provided with Microsoft netmeeting), Skype, WebEx etc.  Of these, Skype, Gtalk, and Yahoo Messenger are the most common tutoring tools.  in India. 

 Through these programs and applications, a tutor can send tests / quizzes, receive a full exam, and send the results of tests / quizzes and recommendations to students.  Online tuition is now more useful and popular in India for some reasons.  Daily spending in metro cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, Chennai is so high that sometimes single earning does not meet all the needs.

  Under these circumstances, the number of people accepting tuition as a second job is increasing rapidly.  Because time is limited after work and weekends, online tuition is a boon for tutors and students.  You do not need to spend hours in traffic or get tired nor spend money on expensive petrol.

  There is no doubt that electricity and internet costs are much cheaper than petrol and your precious time.  Online tutoring gives students and tutors the opportunity to learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their homes.

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   Online Tutoring Application:

   Many freeware programs and applications are available in the market.  One of the most important is instant messaging applications like Yahoo and Skype.  These are applications through which a student and a tutor can communicate through text, voice and video. 

 An online whiteboard is something that is specifically designed for the use of online tutoring.  Using the whiteboard you can write, draw or visualize the concepts they are currently discussing.  

Talk And Write is a freeware for online tutoring, a product of Skype.  Online tuition is the most effective method of tuition because voice, video, visualization, graphics, and text can all be used at the same time.  However, this option may not be practical in cities where there is often a problem of power drainage. 

 Online tutoring is also not a practical method of tuition when the user uses a dial-up connection or other low-bandwidth Internet connection.  However, most of the above applications are changed for low bandwidth usage, real time video, full color document sharing and high quality sound demanding high bandwidth. 

 In most cases, any modern computer, a laptop purchased after 2004, should be able to easily handle the necessary applications.

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   Difference between regular tutoring and online tutoring:

   Traditional tutors have some advantage over online tutors as they have real life to face communication capabilities.  This allows traditional tutors to achieve a personal bond with students.  Researches have shown that traditional tutors have an upper hand in understanding a student's problem, whereas online tutoring takes longer in the case of tutors.

  On the other hand, online tutors take more time to understand the student's psychology and the student's level of understanding.  The additional disadvantage of online tutoring is that both the tutor and the student must have computer equipment such as a desktop or laptop, a high-speed Internet connection, access to appropriate online tutoring applications, and may have additional computer hardware that will aid in tutorial practice.

  Some of these additional hardware peripherals may include a webcam, microphone headset, Webcam, and drawing tablet.  Because laptops or other forms of computers in India are still not easily affordable, online is limited to certain groups of people. 

 Furthermore, until now, broadband internet connections have been limited to metro cities in India only, and thus limit the use of online tuition.

   Requirements for online tutoring:

   For online tutoring, the following applications or programs and equipment are required.

   1. A computer / laptop with regular configuration.

   2. A broadband connection is scheduled with a minimum speed of 128 kilobytes per second.

   3. Webcam.  If the laptop has an inbuilt webcam, there is no need to buy another.

   4. Microphone with headset.  If the laptop has an inbuilt microphone with speakers, there is no need to purchase an external microphone.

   Microphones and cameras are used for online chat.  This ensures that the tuition process will be smooth. 

 To save on phone bills, a headset consisting of a microphone and a speaker is used with the voice chat application. 

 An online whiteboard or a shared screen where the text will be posted and discussed and a webcam is also required for the video.

   Safety is one of the primary concerns in online tutoring.  Parents must perform a back ground check of tutors before taking their tuition services.  This can be done by calling the tutor and asking for any reference.  

Later you can call those references and make sure that the tutor is safe and has a good history of teaching.

   BharatTutors provides you with more online interface so that you can create tutor / student profile according to your needs and search for teaching work and tutor in India. 

 The site gives you the opportunity to find one-in-one tutor, group tutor, online tutor, math tutor, home tutor and other subjects tutor in any of the rites of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Lucknow, Pune, Chennai.  Hyderabad etc.

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Best ways for students to find tutor:

   If you are a student, look for someone who can help with your assignment / homework, an adult returning to school and who needs help with course work;  BharatTutors is the platform you need!  If you move to another place / state, you may need to learn the local language. 

 If you are interested in going to the gym, you will be a good instructor.  In any case, BharatTutors is helpful for you.

  Out of thousands of tutors, you can choose tutors according to your requirements or you can post your requirement as a student.

   There are many things you can do to increase your chances of getting responses from tutors.  If you follow the instructions given, you can easily be warned by a tutor with a possible interest in teaching you:

   1. While filling the registration form, keep the following points in mind:

   - Select yourself as a student in the registration form when asked - I am a: tutor / student.

   - Add one or more photos to your profile.  It gives a professional touch to your profile.  It has been observed that photos with profiles get 50–60% more responses.  Add your profile photo showing your face clearly. 

 Do not upload any animated pictures or pictures of celebrities, pets, scenes or objects.  These photos will be approved.  You look smart, use your own photo!

   - Write a detailed and comprehensive description in the Profile Description field.  It is important to mention clearly what kind of tutor you are looking for.  Explain in detail as best you can.  Mention the preferred mode of teaching (eg online, one-to-one), best time for tuition and grade (eg VII, IX etc.) and the total learning period.

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   BharatTutors gives you suggestions:

   - Write the description in the first MS word, read it 2-3 times.  Do not write full details in capital letters. 

 Correct any grammar and spelling mistakes.  Copy and paste this on BharatTutors profile.

  Make it 6-7 sentences or 80-100 words long.  Do not copy and paste any questions from a web-book, or website. 

 You know english well!  Write a paragraph in your own sentences.

   - Finish your details in a polite manner, such as: Thank you for your time;  Thank you for viewing my profile;  Please contact me for further details;  For further details etc. contact me.  

These lines create an appeal in the minds of readers and most likely they will contact you, even if their needs do not 100% match with your profile.

Please read below before registering on BharatTutors:

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   Student Registration:

   What to do:

   1. If you are looking for a tutor and want to register as a student, choose option I am the one: Student

   2. You will be asked for the subject you need to learn.  Be specific about the topic, e.g.  If you want to learn integral calculus, write integral calculus, not just write calculus.

   3. During registration you will be asked for your marks / marks in your final exam.  This is the percentage mark obtained in the previous major examination.  For an example if I am currently in 9th grade, I will write my percentage marks in class 8th.

   4. Write at least 2-3 meaningful sentences in the section 'Profile Description' that explain the requirements to you in detail.

   5. In 'Contact Information', you will be asked to write your contact details like phone number, email, cell number etc.  This information will be available only to members of BharatToters.  If you do not feel comfortable sharing these, then write 'Na' ('Na' means not available).  

There are also many inbuilt features for contacting tutors such as sending instant messages, xpress messages, chats etc.

   Below are some examples of good "student profile descriptions":

   Hi all, I am Shweta Tiwari.  I am a ninth grade student in a CBSE board school.  I am looking for a tutor for Math.  I am preparing for engineering admission and I need someone who can teach me calculus, geometry and algebra.  I would like to do a one to one tour from 6 pm to 7 pm.  Thank you for going through my profile!

   Hi Tutor, I am Rachna Shamra from Indira Nagar, Lucknow.  I am a student of BE, Computer Science.  I am having some problems with database management systems and staring at my semester exams in two months.  I am looking for a tuition you can teach me database management and C ++ during evening hours.  I would love to use online tuition and Skype.  Please contact me for more information, thanks for your time!  Have a good time.

   What can not be done:

   1. Do not use all cap letters.  In the profile description it does not mean write: I AM LOOKING FOR TUTOR ...

   2. Do not share your contact details other than in the 'Contact Information' section.  This is for security purposes, and failing to do so will cancel your membership.

   3. Do not upload animated pictures, or photos of any celebrity, picture or object.  Upload your photo showing only your face.

   4. Do not use the contact details of members for any purpose other than fulfilling educational requirements.  Upon making a complaint, your details can be sent to enforcement agencies.

   5. Do not advertise any product, service or website here.  Members doing so will be banned and their IP addresses will be logged. 

   Tutor Registration:

   What to do:

   1. If you are offering your tuition services and want to register as a tutor, choose option I am a: tutor

   2. You will be asked about your qualifications, tutor experience, references etc., be cautious while filling these fields as these records can be verified at any time through manual process.

  Members giving incorrect information will be banned from

   3. In the 'Profile Description' section, you can impart at least 4-5 meaningful sentences to your skills, and knowledge to your student. 

 This is very important section as most of the students decide their tutors after reading this section.

   4. In 'Contact Information', you will be asked to write your contact details like phone number, email, cell number etc.

  Be specific when writing these descriptions, and update those details whenever they change.

   5. At the end of registration you will be asked to add a picture to your profile.  Remember, profiles with photos get 10 times more responses, so make sure you add your recent photo to your profile.

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   Below are good examples of "Tutor's Profile Details":

   Hi all, I am Mohan Negi.  I have 5 years of tuition in the field of IIT entrance mathematics.  I am a BTech in electronics and currently work for a software firm.  I am open to teaching one-to-one or group classes.  I have a connection of my own and can teach anywhere in South Delhi.  I prefer Skype or Yahoo Messenger as an online tuition tool.  Please contact me if interested.  Thank you for viewing my profile!

   Hi Students, I am Savita Singh, BSc in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and MSc in Chemistry.  I am looking for students in the Navi Mumbai location to teach medical college entry level chemistry.  I have three years of teaching chemistry for the medical entrance exam, and have a good success rate.  Please contact me if you need a reference and know more details.  I offer my first class for free as a test class.

   Can not do:

   1. Do not use all cap letters.  In the profile description, it does not mean write: MY NAME IS ...

   2. Do not share your contact details other than in the 'Contact Information' section.  This is for security purposes, and failing to do so will cancel your membership.

   3. Do not upload animated pictures, or photos of any celebrity, picture or object.  Upload your photo showing only your face.

   4. Do not use the contact details of members for any purpose other than fulfilling educational requirements.  Upon making a complaint, your details can be sent to enforcement agencies.

   5. Do not copy paste your resume in the 'Profile Details' section.

   6. Do not advertise any product, service or website here.  Members doing so will be banned and their IP addresses will be logged.

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Final words : 

Thousands of students visit BharatTutors to find a perfect tutor for their tutoring needs.  Students and tutors contact each other directly.

  There is no tuition bureau, no middle man.  Either you are looking for in-class tutor or online tutor, it is just a matter of few clicks on BharatTutors.

   As the internet is booming, why spend hours with old designed tuition bureaus or news paper advertisements?  

Students simply select the subject, location and go through the list of tutors.  Email them, call them, message them.

   BharatTutors has a strong network of 34,179 members till date.  There is a good list of tutors in every part of India.  Tutors, do you think you specialize in any subject, skill?  Call it math, music, science, GRE or GMAT. 

 You can qualify for tuition.  Register as a tutor free of charge and publish by interested students or institutions.

   Recently, BharatTutors started a new membership as an institute.  Register students and teachers directly as an institution and contact.  Tell other members what you offer.How do you feel after reading this article, Please comment below in the comment box


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