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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Career in Fire fighting: Skills, Courses, Institutes and Job Possibilities

 The field of fire fighting is definitely risky, but due

to being connected with the safety of people, working in it is definitely reassuring….

Fire fighting is a very challenging profession, which requires careful and careful work to work flawlessly. It generally uses engineering and science principles to protect people from risk.

This area is developing very fast and people have also become very aware of their security. Due to this awareness, people in apartments, offices and homes have started using a lot of fire prevention tools.

Engineers involved in fire fighting are responsible for the consequences and implications of a fire incident and they try to develop new ways of avoiding it. Youths willing to work in the field of fire fighting can work in any field, private or government as per their merit and choice. They can also work in petroleum refinery, textiles, fertilizers, chemicals etc. businesses which have a higher risk of fire. There is tremendous potential for these in the fields of engineering, chemistry etc.

Communication skills:

A firefighter must be proficient in the art of communication. Your point should be communicated to your teammates and other teams working together.

Courage :

When a building is on fire, a normal person may be nervous, but for fire fighters it is part of their everyday duties.

Ability to make quick decisions:

A firefighter needs to be capable enough to make swift and correct decisions in an emergency. This ability to make the right decision under pressure can save many lives.

Work and Responsibilities:

Making people aware of potential accidents in advance.

To awaken the tendency of people to be vigilant about their own safety through seminars, posters, etc.

To protect the life and property of people in the event of disaster.

Which are the best courses:

Courses such as Diploma in Fire and Safety, PG Diploma in Fire and Safety, BSc in Fire Engineering, Certificate Course in Fire Fighting, Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management, Industrial Safety Supervisor, Rescue and Fire Fighting. The duration of which is from 6 months to 3 years.

How to become a firefighter?

To become a firefighter, you must have a degree or diploma related to this field. You will have to undergo an interview with a written and mental test. After that you will be trained in the Fire Academy before taking up the responsibilities.

Salary and wages:

The income of those who make a career in fire safety management is very good. 15 to 20 thousand rupees are available in the initial phase. Income increases as experience and ability increases.

Important institute:

National Academy of Fire and Safety Engineering (NAFS), Nagpur

National Institute of Fire Engineering and Safety Management, Jaipur

Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering, New Delhi

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