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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Chegg India Tutor : How to earn upto 20$/HR Tutoring from home with Chegg?

Based on my research, tutoring for Chegg is good .You earn $ 20 an hour for any work you do and pay is fast and automatic through PayPal.  Chegg gives people the opportunity to work on their own schedule and focus on live lessons or written work as they see fit.

 This company is a great fit for tutors with skills in advanced or high-demand topics.  These individuals can make over $ 1,000 a month as there are almost always student requests in the system.  Does this sound like you?  Start an application today!

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     Chegg India creates solutions for the Primary Chegg Study Board and handles multiple verticals of marketing and content support management.  

Chegg has a vast network of employees with offices in Delhi and Visakhapatnam supported by a team of managed network experts and regional managers who handle Pan India operations.

     In its small existence, Chegg India has made a huge mark in the field of knowledge creation and educational services.  Chegg strive to make education affordable and accessible to the seeker.

  Chegg look to innovate and inspire.  Chegg India has created an excellent place to work and on 5 dimensions for all its employees, a hallmark of a high-trust, high-performance culture.  As a great place to work-certified, Chegg India provides perfection to its employees.

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How Does Chegg Work?

    Chegg does not automatically match students directly with your services, and you are not guaranteed a few hours of work.

  Instead, Chegg allows you to work as many times as you want, depending on the student's demand.

    When you enter the Chegg platform, you will see current teaching requests from students in your selected subjects.  There are two types of requests: live and written.

    For live tutoring sessions, you use the chat feature to set an acceptable time for a video or audio conference (within a chegg) with the student.  You are paid for the minute you are teaching the student live.

    For written sessions, you will present written answers to student questions and the time it takes to write a lesson report will be paid.  This may include editing a paper, reviewing a homework assignment, or explaining a concept. 

 Students and teachers agree on the time to be spent on a written request in advance.

    An important point is that there is no way within the system to look at a student's specific question before taking the assignment.  

This means that you can take an assignment and are not able to help the student if you do not know the answer.  

Not answering a question will result in poor reviews, which may affect future demand for your skills.

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How much does Chegg pay?

  Chegg pays $ 20 an hour, prorated for minutes.  If a student matches you for a 5-minute quick question, you earn $ 1.67.  By comparison, if you study with a student and one half hour to prepare for an exam, you earn $ 30.

  The minimum lesson length is five minutes.

  There are options to earn more when demand for specific subjects is particularly high.  If you have skills in that subject, Chegg pays $ 30 for in-demand subjects, to encourage you to sign in more often. 

 More recently it has included statistics, economics, accounting, physics, finance and more.

When Does Chegg Pay?

 Chegg pays via PayPal, once a week on Thursday morning, PST. Weeks run from Wednesday at 8:00 PST to the following Wednesday, so that lessons completed during the day on Wednesday are paid the following week.

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Chegg Tutoring Requirements:

   Chegg is looking for a tutor in a variety of subjects, from middle school math and science to professional skills like coding.  Here's what they require:

 *  You are at least 18 years old.

  * You have a computer or smartphone with high speed Internet access.

   *You have attended (or are attending) four years of university.

 *  Speak english fluently.

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How to apply for Chegg Tutoring? (Application process)

   The application for Chegg takes a few small steps.

   1. Enter your basic information, including your name, email address, and the schools you attended - along with the date of major and graduation (or expected graduation).

   2. Select the subjects in which you have the skills to tutor.

  3.  Describe your tuition experience, including working with friends, and an interesting fact about you not related to the school that would be interesting to your students. 

4. Select the topics that you feel you are best suited to teach from the people you selected in the final stage.  If you have chosen that you can tutor for those tests, you may be asked for standardized test scores (not required). 

 In this step, you also have the option to upload a one-minute video that describes your tuition experience and why you want to work with chegg students.  This is optional, but uploading videos will speed up the review of your application.

  5.  Verify your identity.  Either you get a government-issued ID or connect to Facebook.

  6.  Verify your eligibility.  You have to upload two documents which show you to attend four years of university.  

Create an account here

These may include:

   - Diploma

   - student ID card

   - Transcript (official or informal)

   - Screenshot of student portal homepage

   - National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment Verification

   - Registrar's letter (eg, acceptance letter, nomination verification)

   - Tuition or Teaching Certificate

   You will also be asked to verify your English speaking ability.  Upload SAT scores, TOEFL, National English Proficiency Test from your country or transcript showing a syllabus with Advanced English.

   It can take up to 7 days to review the application from Chegg.  You may be asked to complete a skills test to gain proficiency in the subjects you chose to tutor, but this is not required for all tutors who apply.

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Final words:

For Chegg, tutors' experience with the platform depends on the subjects they teach. In high-demand subjects such as statistics, finance and high-level science, tutors enjoy Chegg's service and make a strong side income. There are always student requests when these tutors want to work.

   For tutors in more contested subjects, such as middle school level mathematics, science, and reading, the results are more mixed. Some tutors complain that it is difficult to work and that most of the questions are fast and bring in minimal income.

   In my research, I did not find any complaints about Peg, Chegg pays automatically through PayPal every week.

   Overall, experienced tutors recommend remembering that Chegg is a review-based platform. If your review scores are poor, it will be very difficult to book work. In topics that you know well, ensure your first several opportunities, so make sure you start with great reviews.

How do you think about this opportunity, please comment below in the box.

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