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Saturday, October 31, 2020

How to become an online tutor in a US based website for mathematics?

How to become an online tutor? Do you need

a tutor or wants to become a tutor?  The online tuition business is developing so fast with the help of technological innovations and widespread use of the Internet. 

 Both parents and students are enjoying online learning experiences to fulfill their potential.

   It has become a bold opportunity for both teachers and professionals to start a business and get out of it.  Of course, online tutoring is not easy.

When a teacher understands the advantages of online tutoring, the first question teachers ask is: "How to start this tutoring business?"  A tutor helps learners improve grades, provide tips for exam preparation, provide feedback and motivate them.

  You will experience a big difference by becoming an online tutor.  The following is the standard procedure for starting an online tuition business.

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Set your Requirements

     Before getting started you have to discover various and clear aspects, prerequisites, pros and cons of online tuition business.

     Research and analyze individual marks before facilitating your business plan.  Thus, you will have a clear understanding of the industry and skills that you want to distribute to learners.

     Before planning you may have the following questions in your mind:

     Who is your target audience?

     How would you persuade them to choose you above others?  Considering your "unique selling proposition"?

     How will you compete in the market with your competitors?

     Teaching online provides many opportunities for tutors, whether you are a professional teacher, subject matter expert or a teenager with good knowledge on a particular subject.

     Online tutors must have teaching experience with subject-specific certification.  This will help you to build confidence in students and parents.

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Choose a Specific Course

   After doing an in-depth analysis of specific requirements that match your skills, so that you can further improve and personalize the new curriculum.

   Determine the category of courses such as video courses, written format courses according to your requirements of online tuition. 

 For tutoring see online tutoring platform, which had classes facilitated by video conferencing, whiteboards, text chat messages and more.

   Going, you can develop your business model with niche requirements to stand in one place among your competitors.

Get to know your audience

   You need to evaluate your audience after conducting market research about the needs and requirements of your customers.

   Who are the students and people who need your help?  In which areas do they need assistance?  Are they waiting for someone like you?

   Determine the characteristics of users based on their age, behavior, location etc., target these needs and combine it with their innovative ideas.

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Register as an online tutor on US Based tuition website

   You will find many online tutoring platforms like Chegg, bharattutors,Udemy, Udacity, SkillShare, Edx, ... Every online website has its own business model with different features and specifications.

   For example, Udemy is a platform that allows online tutors to create and sell their courses on their websites worldwide.

  You can sell courses based on Udemy's business model, and get your revenue by teaching through online platforms.

   Getting started on an online platform is as easy as filling in your basic credentials, and bio, and optionally completing it with a profile photo, understanding preferences, ... Many companies also offer certificates and IDs for proof of education  She asks.

  Before your profile is made public to students, it must be reviewed and approved by the service.

   There are other platforms that offer online video tutorials in which you can schedule live classes with one-to-one or one-to-many tutoring sessions, and provide teacher-student interaction. 

 These platforms also provide a real-time classroom experience that makes the learning experience more engaging.

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Best US based online tutoring websites

   A variety of online tutoring platforms are available in the market for learning and teaching.  With a wide range of online tutoring business software providers in the market, I am offering the best websites 2020 that works best for teachers, helping you choose.  Have a look at these platforms.

1. Tutorpace: Offers live classes for Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Statistics and Accountancy.  Tutors explain topics to students through online platforms.

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2. ConquerMaths:

  Unlike other mathematics programs, teaches mathematics principles using explicit and professional animations, synchronized with the spoken explanations of an experienced mathematics teacher.  

ConquerMaths is consistent when using the same favorable teacher from reception (age 4) through A-level (age 18).

   Each bite-sized online lesson is designed to teach mathematics in a logical way, just like school math lessons.

   More than 1,200 ready-made math lessons have been included that can be used in the classroom or individually on almost any Internet-connected device.

   Advanced reporting and time-saving tools for teachers

   ConquerMaths' advanced teacher administrator tools save you time by entering detailed results in each student's on-going progress report, highlighting areas of weakness that require additional revision.

   Detailed reports are generated as an easy to use tool for administering student and teacher accounts, as well as admin and teacher areas for the entire school, individual classrooms or individual students.

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3. TutorVista

   Tutorvista is a learning platform that offers online one-on-one  classes in any field.  You can offer classes in mathematics, chemistry, physics, statistics and languages ​​to students from all over the world.

  To qualify as a tutor on this platform, you must have a master's degree in your field of interest.  You also need to be prepared to work at least 4 hours per day.

   The best thing about Tutorvista is its competitive salary.  They pay better than most other online tuition job platforms.

   Tutorvista pays between $ 9 and $ 25 per hour depending on your subject area and experience.

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4. is an equal opportunity employer.  All hiring decisions are subject to immigration laws that relate to the authority's requirements. considers applicants for all positions in relation to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or any other specialty protected by applicable local, state, or federal law Does.

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How much is the tutor paid?

    You are paid at a set hourly rate that is determined by the subjects you teach, and incentives are available for high-quality tuition.  

Unlike private tutoring, where you must deal with potential delays from customers, payment arrives directly from at a set time.  

Once you successfully complete the initial application and subject examination phase of the process, more details of our salary structure will be provided.

   How can you become a tutor?

    If you meet our prerequisites and you want to become a teacher, see our application process or apply now!  The application process will take 1-3 weeks depending on the completion of each step completely.

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With which of these online tutoring jobs would you start?

   Online tuition is one of the best ways to earn money online.  In relation to the modern era, you can read from wherever and wherever.  With the right tools, requirements and passion to share your knowledge, you can make some good money by offering online classes.

   The above sites are some of the best US based online tuition job platforms.  These are reliable and reliable sites that will let you earn from the comfort of your home. Please write your thought about this article in comment box below.


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