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Saturday, October 10, 2020


 Fiverr is an online marketplace selling its skills as a service.  You can sell any type of services that can be distributed digitally;

Ask for graphic designing, creative writing, video animation, parenting tips, cooking recipes and even fortune telling.  The price of any gigs starts at US $ 5 and hence the name Fiverr.

You can serve multiple categories (music, video and animation, programming, writing, modeling, etc.) with a single Fiverr account.  Service buyers order your services through Fiverr and you will be paid (Fiverr will take a small percentage as commission) after you have paid in full.

In Fiverr, each service you serve is called a gig.  In addition to the original 5 $ gig, you can also offer advanced gigs for a price above $ 5.

Many Fiverr service providers offer value-added gigs at 10 USD for delivery within 24 hours.

Fiverr has a global Alexa rank of 485, meaning it is one of the 500 most popular websites in terms of website traffic.

Gigs sold on Fiverr covers:

graphic design,

trade promotion,

social networking,


Comedy video,


Writing services,…

A creative mind will necessarily be an advantage.  It is possible for someone to make a video with their logo on it with beach shells or why not have someone sign with your company name while parachuting?

How much money can you make by selling favored gigs?

You would be curious to know how much money you can make by selling pigs for only $ 5?  In Favreur, the entire game is contained in versions.  Well, quality is important, but you cannot spend the whole day providing a 5 $ service.  To make good money from Favurur you need to place a large number of orders.  People (service buyers) use fiber to obtain low cost services.  In this world where would anyone find a model to support their brand (logo board or signboard) for only $ 5?

How much does it cost to start with Fiverr?

It doesn't cost you anything to register on their website, but they take 20% of your winnings.

This means that when you sell $ 5 gigs, Fiverr will take $ 1 and have $ 4 in your account.

You can then use your service to purchase services from other Fiverr members or you can withdraw your money from your PayPal account.  Note that when you withdraw money from your PayPal account, PayPal also takes a small portion.

Hopefully, you have to some hobbies or skills:

Zone purchase and sale

Video production

Designer design

content writing

email marketing


Which favorite categories are in high demand?

If you analyze the service providers in fiverr, you can see a lot of top rated sellers and super sellers.  What kind of gigs do they sell?  How do they make such a big money by selling services in demand?  Let's identify what all are the best selling fiver services and which category they fall into.  It always makes sense to provide service with demand rather than proceed with a gig in short demand.

online marketing

Online marketing / SEO services are another category that a lot of Fiverr shoppers are interested in.  blboss, a Spanish seller is a popular super seller in this category (offering backlink manufacturing service), and has earned over 32K reviews.  If we roughly estimate its earnings, it is more than 150,000 USD.

Content writing and translation

You can offer gigs in content writing (eg technical writing, special good writing, etc.) as well as translation services (eg English to German, French to English, etc.).  Most of the 5 $ content writing gigs start with offering 500 words.

Amibt is a fiverr top rated vendor that offers gigs in content writing services.  His gig, offering 500 words of content for $ 5, is one of the best-selling gigs in Favreur.  With over 17K reviews, he has made around a hundred thousand dollars + in revenue from fiverr.

Other best-selling categories in Fiverr are music gigs, web development / programming, advertising, business plan writing and more.

graphic design

Graphic design is one of the hottest and high demand categories in Fiverr, of which logo design and social media graphics design are more in demand.  If you check the logo design category in fiverr, you will see lots of gigs with 2K + reviews.  This reflects the high demand for graphic design services at Fiverr.

10 tips for earning fat with Fiverr

You will not get orders just by starting a gig in fiverr.  So what are the key factors in becoming a best seller in Favor?  Let's see:

Start something new:

As a beginner, it is good to stay away from the most common services like logo design, SEO services and other similar services where the competition is really high.  In many popular niches, you have to compete with vendors with a great reputation (with very high positive reviews).

Instead of providing "just another" type of gig, try to offer something unique and new.  Giving a unique gig helps you stand out in the competition.

Use catchy titles, descriptions and illustrations:

The title is really important to attract the attention of the buyer.  Make sure your title is attractive, you have a detailed description and your pictures (profile picture / cover picture and other graphics) are attractive.

Providing top quality service: 

Quality is really important.  If you provide higher quality, you will get more positive reviews which will eventually generate more sales.

Provide multiple gigs:

It is a good idea to offer gigs in multiple categories so that you can cater to a wide segment of customers.  You can't guess which gig is going to perform well.  Try to offer several gigs and stick to your best-selling gigs.

Optimize your tag: 

Proper tagging increases the visibility of your gigs.  You must tag your gigs with the appropriate keywords so that shoppers can easily find and access your services.

Getting more reviews and positive feedback: Positive reviews and feedback can improve your overall visibility and reputation.  If you have more positive reviews, you will build trust and this can improve your sales.

It's time to make your gig on Fiverr

To create a new service or gig, go to your panel or dashboard, you want to select "Become a seller" from the menu bar at the top.

Click on this button and start installing your new service.  First of all, you need to add some personal information and create a public profile.  Now, you are ready for your first gig!

It is important to choose the right title from the beginning, but if you have a better idea of the title, you can change it in the future.

It is a good idea to give a detailed title here, so for example something like this:

I will write seo article

I will write a blog post

I will design pinterest pins for you

These are brief and important points, so potential customers know what they are getting when they click on your service or if they are interested in your service.  It is a good idea to ask your competitors to see what kind of title they are using.

How to Start earning money on Fiverr?

It is completely in relation to making money and making your own gig appropriately.

Publishing novices at once is easy, and as a novice, I like to recommend filling out your own account with lots of different services that you can offer.

This helps to build a larger net as well as reach a much larger audience to ensure that you are likely to make money instead of counting on just 1 or 2 gigs and dreaming about the best  .

It is important to keep in mind that you may not have started seeing money right away and it is going to take time for your jigsaw to return to the pages of Fiverr search results.

Final words : 

The positive thing is that as soon as you start getting some orders as well as some decent reviews that should definitely have a snowball effect and then provided that you provide a high quality job, then  The orders should keep coming in.

There are a lot of people making money on the Fiverr website each day, so, there is no point in why you are not seeing this platform, it is an easy way to make money on the Internet.

Fiverr is a great marketplace with millions of buyers in its community.  You can earn good money by providing high quality service to these community members.

You have to be patient, as your gig may take a little time to catch up with the audience and get reviews.

You don't have to be a pro in your niche to make money with Fiverr.  Make sure you provide something interesting and useful. How did you feel after reading this article,

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