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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Legitimate Top Easy ways to make some a second income while on the go

 Presently, Second income has become a need of

every family. One of the most widely discussed topics among most people was how to find a real second income source to earn money to support their primary source of income.

Money is important. Of course, there is no doubt about it. Everyone needs money to fulfill their basic needs and for some urgent work.

Without satisfying our basic needs and monthly budget, you cannot be happy in your life.

Online part time jobs:

Online part time jobs in India were a dream for everyone concerned with the purpose of meeting their financial needs by generating an extra second income.
Most of you are interested in doing part time online jobs as it is the easiest way to earn some other income while on the go.
But the question is, where to make the actual payment for online part time job from home and how to work with them?
In this article, I am going to discuss some possible real ways to earn extra revenue by doing some part-time jobs while studying in college.
You can start paying from day one and use that income for your basic financial needs like travel expenses, mobile recharge etc.
With some planned working methods you can get great success in earning after few days or months.
Many students are looking for part-time work in India without investing in their college holidays, but I would like to say that part-time online jobs will never give you a residual income during the rest of your college days.

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Get paid for answering surveys:

You must have heard a lot about "online survey jobs", as they are a very famous job for making money from online part time jobs in India.
Many manufacturing companies around the world are ready to spend millions of dollars in preliminary research to get ideas and suggestions from people like us about their new product launches or service refinements.
But they are not directly involved in research activities, instead they contact online survey companies which are the portals responsible for conducting the survey.
These portals already have a large number of people from different communities around the world in their databases and while those market companies offer survey opportunities, these survey portals select us from their databases based on our profile.

What do we need to do?
  We have to register a free account with these survey companies. Then your main duty is to complete the profile related to your lifestyle, family, profession, travel experience etc.
Whenever a survey matches your profile you will be invited by mail to participate in the survey.
On successful completion, you will be rewarded with cash or gift vouchers.

How much will i earn?
Your question is correct. If you are invited from international portals (survey companies), you can earn $ 50 or more per survey.
Indian based survey companies offer a maximum of $ 5 per survey. You can multiply your income by registering with more survey companies.

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Work as a Part Time Blogger:

If you have anything interesting and attractive, you can make money using that stuff. Yes, blogging provides a great way to make extra revenue online from your part-time work.
Blogging is so simple that you need to create your own website where you write and share your stuff which is interesting and engaging with others.
There are many CMS platforms like Blogger, Word Press which makes it easy for newbies to start a blog.
You can start a blog for anything like an educational blog, tourist blog, tutorial blog, cooking blog. It depends entirely on your own passion and interest.

To start you need,
1. A Domain Name
2. A web hosting
3. WordPress themes and plugins.

How do I make money from blogging?
First, register a domain name and host your blog by designing through a WordPress theme.
Start writing content around another niche and publish it on the blog.
Do SEO activities and drive traffic from Google, social networks, email and other blogs.
Share what you have shared by getting people to visit your website? If possible, convert them to your buyers to generate revenue.
Monetizing your blog with Google Ad sense or similar networks, or displaying affiliate marketing products, or selling your own products online, you can make money.

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Get paid to click sites:

PTC (paid to click) sites pay us to see ads. Imagine what happens if you get paid to read advertisements in your local daily newspaper (or) TV?
Interesting isn't it? The same thing applies here. You will be paid $ 0.001 to $ 0.01 more for watching each ad for about 5 to 30 seconds.
This way of working requires a computer (or) a laptop with an Internet connection and a Gmail account for account registration.
  You can work 1 to 2 hours part time daily on internet.
  There are many PTC sites available but online home income picks up only a few sites as you are already looking for part time work from home without affecting your studies.
Also, we have many payments from those sites listed on our website. Free registration and members of any country can join it and start earning immediately.

How will you be paid?
To receive your payment you will need to create an account in PayPal and / or Payza - the most reliable online payment processor.
To withdraw money from your PayPal / Payza account, you should link your bank account (card) to your PayPal / Payza account.
It won't take more than 30 minutes of your time daily and you can make about $ 100 - $ 200 every day without investing.

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Start as an online tutor:

If you are specializing in any field and if you have teaching skills in that field then you can become a part time online tutor.

Online tutors provide learning support to students of all levels of courses, typically through a web-based video conferencing system. There is a fine line between online learning and online tuition.

The main difference is that tuition involves providing help with the subject that is being taught to the student elsewhere.

However, some online tutors may offer comprehensive tuition, while others simply help with homework.

Join those sites like,, and submit your resume.

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