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Monday, October 26, 2020

Online Transcription Jobs : Top sites and all about this job

 Are you jobless? Are you looking for an online

job that earns you a decent amount per month …? Then you are in the right place. Here you can find top companies that offer online transcription jobs.

But, what are transcription jobs? Let's see what's in it!
Are you a good listener..? Do you know typing? can you type fast….? Can you do both things at once…?
If yes, then you are right for these jobs. You can make up to $ 15- $ 20 per hour by doing these transcription tasks. And these jobs require minimal equipment, skills, expertise and experience (sometimes).
All you have to do is listen to what you hear and what kind of transcription it is. It is the most rated and profitable online job with minimum requirements and skills.

what are minimum requirements and skills?
Good listening and typing skills, a good set of headset or speakers, any other specifications required by the client.
Requirements by the client may include experience (not necessarily required), system requirements, high-speed data or telephone connectivity, high-quality noise-canceling headsets, some scribing software, and more. And again the price of this headset and software can be less than $ 100 which will be your investment.

Where and how to start?
Transcription allows you to work from anywhere and includes your home. We have shortlisted around 10 best companies or websites that provide you with online transcription jobs and make you decent for a higher salary. Just look at the requirements and choose the customer that is best for you.
Transcription jobs related to medical, finance and legal functions. They hire people from many countries. All you need is some background knowledge about transcription and a typing speed of not less than 60 words per minute. Join today!

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The venture is primarily related to the entertainment industry with transcription functions such as subtitles, closed captions for movies as well as TV shows. They employ people only after passing their tests, which mainly include tasks related to accuracy in typing, spelling and grammar.

Requirements for the job are a headset, foot pedal, and a fast internet connection. Join Terescription Today!

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Scribie (formerly Callgraph) is a transcription company known for hiring both experienced transcriptionists and beginners. Scribie is one of the lowest paid in the industry, but it is a great place for beginners to begin their transcription career.

You will be paid $ 5 - $ 25 per audio hour. The amount you make per audio hour will depend on your skill level, experience and how fast you submit the finished tape.

The files to be transferred are small, mostly of 6-minute segments and contain telephone calls, interviews and speeches. A 2-hour TAT is to be written to each file in Scribie. TAT stands for Turnaround Time (the time it takes to convert an audio file to a transcript). You can learn more about TAT here.

Scribie transcription jobs are very convenient. You work whenever you want and you also get an opportunity to choose which file to work on. If you select a file and don't like it, you have the option to click on the next one and claim it instead.

HOW SCRIBIE Application Works

Apply to become a copywriter and an application number will be assigned to you.

SCRIBIE will send you a link to confirm your email. You will be placed on the waiting list and your application will be reviewed within 1 business day.

If you qualify, your Scribby account will be created, then you will be invited for a short transcription exam. You complete the transcription test by transcribing the assigned file and then sending it back.

A reviewer will monitor your work and decide if you can become a certified copywriter. Once you are certified, you will pay to receive testing plus benefits for all available transcription jobs.

The highest earner gets $ 1000 every month. All payments go out through PayPal and you must have a verified PayPal account before being assigned to any work.

Join here

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GoTranscript is another transcription company known for beginners to transcription jobs. They do not require prior transcription experience and must accept transcription from around the world.

As a transcriptionist, you set your own working hours and you can work whenever you want. If you are searching for transcription jobs available worldwide, I would encourage you to give GoTranscript a chance.

They pay up to $ 45 per audio hour through PayPal or Payoneer.


To get started as a transcription with GoTranscript:

Create your GoTranscript account

Be sure to use the correct name and email address. You will be taken to the GoTranscript dashboard

Complete a short quiz,

Take the GoTranscript Audio Test using GoTranscript Transcription Guidelines. Translate the video as fast and accurately as you can submit for review

A representative will return to you in a few days with the result. If you pass the test, you will be sent an email about how to start working on transcription.

Join here

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Speechpad (SpeechInk initially referred to us) is an audio transcription and video captioning website that hires worldwide. His transcription projects are done either on Amazon's Mechanical Turk or through his speechpad job board, and most of his work covers insurance company interviews.

In Motion is a simple sign up process that takes less than 5 minutes. They have a variety of aptitude tests that a transcriptionist must pass before being awarded actual transcription work.

They have recently introduced a bonus program, which allows qualified transcripts to earn more money from home.

Transcription Style Guide, transcription ability, and sample transcription documents can be search on the net.

Join here

Transcription jobs can be found near your location anywhere even in small cities.

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