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Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Best Online and Offline Part time jobs without investment in India and abroad

 Money has become the most important part of our daily and economic life. Nobody can live without

money in this age. Though, many of us always try to become a rich person with or without money. In the age of economic, Everyone loves having an extra income whether you are a student or a retired person or belong to any job field. So the best jobs offer you great opportunities to make extra earning by spending only a few hours daily. Here we have collected the best online and offline part time job ideas that are suitable for everyone.

Let’s have a look at these jobs:

Online Jobs

Everything in this world have become online, as the time passess science developed maney luxarious things in our life like education, job and money. These internet jobs are in great demand because you can do those from anywhere without leaving your comfort zone.

Online Consultant:

If you have some specific skill or knowledge in particular field then you can easily become an online consultant that provides suggestions and tips to those in need in return of money. The consultant that promises you the world. Period. If they were so amazing, they would be doing it themselves. Remember, no one has a “turn-key” solution for every problem.
The consultant that makes too many guarantees. If it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.
If they have a hard time explaining what and how they do things, trust me, their advice will be of the same caliber.
Get’s territorial – if you’re doing a good job you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

It can become a great career option too.

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Become Online tutor

Most of us do not use our time properly. If you know how to make your free time valuable, or if you have learned to make it profitable then nothing better will be for us. Time is money, Most of us know well but though don’t need to think so.
Online tuition is one of the emerging career options in this decade. It does not demand any special profession or special degree.

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Part time Photography:

Nowadays photography is the hobby of millions of people and they capture loads of good shots whenever they visit other places or capture incredible photos from the ordinary moments as well.

Did you know your photographs can be useful for many people especially to the bloggers?

There are many things in photography such as:

Event Photography: Wedding, Child Birth, Religious Festivals and etc. These labor are intensive. Tons of photos to edit after each event. But you will learn a lot about people and how to master your camera very quickly.

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Business Photography: Food Photography, Corporate Portrait, Family Portrait, and Product Photography for Menus of Small Restaurants It is easy to dismiss these jobs as a part-time because you can shoot after your full-time job or after your day off. But for this you have to invest in studio lighting equipment and space.

I suggest that you try to see many jobs first, which category will be most suitable for your time and your style. Then invest in marketing for that category and marketing specific jobs.

Besides, to earn money and reputation, you have a good portfolio to show your skills. You must have a discipline to fulfill the promises you make on time.

So you can easily sell your quality photos online and make a good income source. is the best site to sell your photos at very good prices.

Earn Money by Playing Games:

It might sound great to the game lovers. Yes, it is true that you can make handsome income by playing games. There are loads of game development companies that need testers that can play their games for hours and provide reviews and suggestions for further improvements for those games in return of cash. How cool is that?

Online survey

I have searched a number of sites that pays for indians opinion thats why as an arising economy and a leading role in the IT world, India has attracted the attention of market research companies. Many prestigious online survey sites accept members from India and some are in the process of setting up separate paid survey panels for Indians.

Check out and join the best paid surveys for Indians below.

1- ClixSense

2- Neobux

3- Opinion world

4- ipanelOnline


6- Surveysavvy

7- Global testing market

8- Cinchbucks

9- Zippy Opinion

10- M3 India Survey Panel

11-Univox Community India

12- Swagbucks

13- Viewfruit India Panel

14- MobileXpression

15- AIP Online Survey India

Earn Cash by Ad Posting Work:

The ad posting jobs are not only limited to selling or buying products but they have become promotion platforms too where one can promote services or company products. That’s why they need ad posters that can put their ads online in various ad posting sites.

This work is very easy and anyone with basic knowledge of internet can do that.

Offline Jobs

There are many sites that provides off line jobs as site provides all government and private sector offline jobs for free.Here are some offline job sector that's can be followed.

Insurance Agent:

There are hundreds of genuine insurance companies that need more and more leads so they pay good commissions on bringing more customers. That’s why many people prefer becoming part time insurance agents.

LIC, SBI LIFE, BIRLA SUNLIFE and HDFC are top Indian LIC companies.

Network marketing:

A network marketing business, as the name suggests, relies on a large network of people. Also known as Direct Selling or Multilevel Marketing, it helps you become rich quickly.

There are two ways to generate profits and revenue. Firstly, direct sales of goods or services to customers. Second, earning commission by recruiting more salespersons in the network.

High profit is possible due to the elimination of retailers or distributors in the marketing chain. The commission earned by recruitment is the motivation factor which enables the network to develop. With minimal investment and high motivation, you can succeed.

It is one of the most popular part time job options because there is far better earning potential. So this job is for you if you are good at marketing and convincing people.

Here is the list of Top Direct Sales Companies in India which are famous all over the country:


Hindustan Unilever Limited ...

Mark. ...

Dewsoft (your partner for life) ...

Unicity. ...

Topper brand ...

Avon (company for women) ...


Day care center for children:

The other convenient option to make part time income is starting the day care center to take care of kiddos for a couple of hours.

Professional carers work in connection with a center-based care (including crèche, daycare, preschool and school) or a home-based care (Nainese or family daycare). Most of those child care institutions are available, it is necessary to have comprehensive training in primary care and CPR certified for child care providers.

Apart from this, background checks, drug testing and reference verification at all centers are normally a requirement. Child care can include an advanced learning environment, which includes elementary education or elementary education. "The purpose of the program of daily activities should be to promote incremental development in a healthy and safe environment and to be flexible to catch the interests of children and individual abilities." In many cases it is appropriate.

Child Care Provider is a teacher or person who has an educational background in child development, which requires more focused training than the general skills of a child care carer.

With these licensed options, parents can also choose to find their carer or arrange childcare exchange / swap with any other family.

This work is successful in metro cities as well as small towns.

Offline Data Entry Operator:

Data Entry has a direct meaning to enter information in the electronic format, in the data processing program such as MS Word, Notepad or online form. So those who do data entry jobs are called Data Entry Operators.

Therefore, to be successful as a data entry operator, you must have a good typing speed. For this type of typing work your speed is measured in the number of words that you type in a minute.

If you are good at typing on computer then you can join the companies for part time data entry work. Loads of companies prefer hiring part time employees for this work and pay on daily/weekly basis.

So, all these are some of the best offline and online jobs that almost everyone can do. You can pick any option as per your interests.

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