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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Top 4+ Legitimate online tuition jobs for teachers and students

Are you searching for a job? Do you want more

flexible working hours so that you can take care of your family? If you are educated and master in your subject then you are in a right path.

    The best online tutoring jobs offer students a great opportunity for parents wishing to stay home and enjoy a flexible lifestyle, so that they have a custom-made job that pays well.

    In addition, they can work remotely so that they can have more control over their lives.

    In this article, I will explain all the best online tuition opportunities you can try.  Also, I will help you find the right one for you.

How To Make Money With Online Home Tutoring?

  Students need help with their education.  They have to submit a challenging research paper about a report which they cannot complete on time.

  At the same time, there are many educated people who have skills that enable them to help these troubled students in exchange for a pre-agreed fee.

  Online tutoring is an excellent opportunity for students as well as tutors as they can set their own schedules and work according to their own pace.  At the same time, students and tutors do not have to meet, so they can manage all their work remotely.

What are the requirements for online tuition?

    Many companies will give preference to tutors who already have teaching experience or have a bachelor's degree in the subject in which they wish to tutoring.  Having these advanced qualifications can give you more jobs but is not necessary.

    Many online tutors do not require certifications or years of experience.  When you are gaining experience and expertise, you can apply for companies with less stringent requirements and switch companies for higher salaries over time.

How much can online tutor earn?

    On average, online tutors earn $ 11- $ 20 per hour.

    Your earning as an online tutor depends on your education level, specialty, experience teaching, and the company you are working for.  In general, salaries for primary subjects will be lower than for college or special subjects.

Legitimate online tuition jobs

    Due to advances in technology, online tuition is becoming extremely popular among students, parents and tutors. 

 Most people find it convenient to learn from home while being helped by an online teacher that they can reach whenever they want.

    If you are interested in this field, then you are in the right place.  Here are some of the best online tuition jobs that you can try.  Each task is tailored to different skills, so check some sites so that you can find the right fit for it.

    Here is the list of the best legitimate online tuition sites:

Chegg Tutors








Revolution Prep





Do you want more in-depth information?  Keep reading for my overview of some sites as well as the pros and cons of their programs.

1. Chegg tutor: 

    Tuning of all levels is available in Chegg Tutor.  It is an excellent option for all online tutors as all subjects are offered.  Target students are middle school, high school, college students and professionals.

    If you have the required experience, you can easily connect to the website.  In addition, it offers college and university students a job as long as you can testify that you are currently studying for a 4-year certificate.

    If you can provide evidence of your current or previous studies, in addition to your school marks, you will be immediately hired to provide educational support to struggling students.  You can apply from anywhere in the world as all nationalities are welcome, as long as you have the necessary knowledge to offer online tuition.

    Once you sign up, the website will start handing you over to students.  

When you do more work, you will be able to improve your score and build your reputation.  This means that you will get more online opportunities.

    The pay rate is $ 20 per hour, and you will receive your money every week through PayPal.  The more specific your educational discipline is, the more money you are likely to have.

    Although some platforms offer high salaries, this is an excellent place to start your journey as an online tutor.


    Available for students and beginners.

    You choose your favorite subject.

    As you are more experienced, earn more money

    Available for all levels of students.


    Less money than other platforms.

2. TutorMe:

    TutorMe is another useful online platform that connects struggling students with the right people who can provide academic support.  It is extremely easy to sign up and is suitable for beginners and first time visitors.

    Start your application and write information about yourself and your education.  You should choose the subjects that you have mastered while studying or the subjects you have taught as a teacher if you have any teaching experience.

    After that, the website will start connecting you to students who are looking for someone who can help them with their homework tasks, essays, assignments and lessons.

    If you want to apply for an online tutoring job then you must have some previous teaching experience.  

Working hours are extremely flexible when you schedule your time.  All subjects are available and you will work from student level K to 12.

    The two-way rating system allows students to rate you so that you can get more jobs as you gain experience. 

 However, this also means that a disgruntled student may give you a poor rating, which will affect your overall score.

    You will receive a starting salary of $ 16 per week, which is paid through PayPal per week.  Hours are calculated based on the number of minutes spent with each student, as long as it exceeds 5 minutes.  

This is significantly lower than other online tutoring jobs, but still quite good, especially for beginners.


    Easy and fast signup.

    The website connects you with the students.

    As your rating increases, you will get a better rate.

    You are paid every week.


    A two-way rating system can affect your overall score.

    The starting salary rate is low as compared to other online tuition services.

3. YUP:

    If you are a current or past math teacher, Yap is the right platform for you.  You can study as per your schedule and help students from all over the world.

    If you are not comfortable working in a different time zone then this is a good place for you.  You must be a US resident and have at least 2 years of teaching experience.

    The website connects struggling students with a tutor.  All branches of mathematics such as algebra, calculus and geometry are covered.  The student will send you a problem or assignment and you will help them answer it.

    You can do as many things as you want every day, and you will be paid accordingly.  To sign up, you will fill in the application form and take the test to show how skilled you are.  After that, you will test an online session that performs a real mimic.

    If you have passed these steps, the website will start connecting you with the students so that you can help them in their work and get more money.  The application process takes about 24 hours and you will soon find out whether you are eligible or not.

    After you are hired, the application will send you a weekly schedule when you expect students to contact you.  Your rate is based on your experience and you will be paid through PayPal or via direct deposit.


    Suitable for current and retired math teachers.

    Help students in real time.

    Work according to your schedule.

    receive training.


    The interview process is quite stressful.

4. is a legitimate tuition company that is a service of Princeton Review.  They have tutors who help military families, K-12, higher education and corporate training.

    They are seeking experienced tutors in a wide range of subjects including AP, SAT submissions and even vocational subjects.

    To become a tutor, you must complete an online application, pass the subject test, and undergo a mock tutoring session before being accepted.

    Even if the application is completed, you will be paid more than other tuition companies with less stringent applications and experience requirements.


    Tutors want a wide range of specialties.

    Great for Test Prep teachers.

    There is a well known tuition company so that they are more likely to get hours.


    Must have prior experience.

    The application process is longer and more involved than other tuition companies.

How to be a successful online teacher:

      Online teachers can study for their master's degree as young as kindergarten and college students.

      You can be a part of their homeschooling program or simply help with some of the topics they struggle with.

      Some people hire online tutors to help with simple homework tasks.  To provide this kind of service, if you have an easy subject, you do not have much experience.

      However, if you are specializing in a specific academic subject, your students will be willing to pay more for your services.  When you are that expert, it is easy to become a successful online tutor with lots of clients.

      There are many online training programs available for tutors so that you can improve your chances in this competitive job market.  If you lack the necessary skills, you can get a student once, but eventually, your students will look for someone who can provide better services.

      Most reputable companies and agencies require proof of experience before they give you a job as an online tutor. 

 If you work in college to teach students from afar, you will have to complete a specific training program before being hired to provide academic support.

      Some educational services require a specific qualification like a PhD.  Or master's degree before hiring to teach online students. 

 You should make sure that you have a comprehensive restart that reflects your experience and proves you a good fit for the job.

      An online tutor must have some important skills to succeed:

      Instructing skills.

      active listening.

      Analytical skills.

      Perception skills.


      Knowledge of multiple learning strategies.

      Most people choose online tuition as a part-time job so that they have more time for their family, practice sports and travel the world.

      However, some choose it as a full-time job that allows them to work from home and cash according to their time.

Final words:

    Online tuition can give you a successful career without leaving your home.  You can work while you are traveling or spending time with your family.

    The best online tuition jobs not only help you change your life but also help others realize their dreams.  This is an excellent choice for those who feel they can no longer do a desk job.

    All platforms on my list are tried and trusted.  Pick one, give them a try, and let me know in the comments how you like tuition.

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