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Monday, November 23, 2020

BPO-KPO: Best Career options for 10th and 12th pass youth

 If you are searching for jobs after 10th and 12th,

then you can work in BPO. To get a job in KPO, you have to get a master's degree. By working in this field, your personality development will also happen and English will also get a good grip.

If you want to work directly after studying in school or college, your communication skills are good, there is no problem in working in shift, then you can start job in BPO or KPO. You do not need much education or experience to work in BPO. You can also do this job with further studies.

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What is BPO / KPO?
BPO Means - Business Process Outsourcing
KPO stands for - Knowledge Process Outsourcing

BPO and KPO is a field which is full of opportunities for Indian youth. Thousands of people are working in this field. Along with the job, you get good salary and international environment of working in this field. After working in BPO, both your English and communication skills become good.

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Qualifications for this job:
For those students who have completed their schooling and want to do a part-time job, BPO is the best option. For a job in KPO, you have to complete further studies. For this, you have to take a master's degree only then you can do the job. Most BPO have to deal with customers in English. That's why your English should be good, customer calling in BPO has to be done, so your communication skills should be good.

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Job and salary in this field:
If you are a fresher, then you can search BPO process job on different job sites from the Internet. Apart from this, you are experienced in IT or any other field and want to join BPO / KPO, then you can also get job options in these departments. Huh. You can get jobs like Operations Management, Content Management, Research & Analytics, Legal Services, Education & Advice and Data Analytics. Initial salary in BPO can be 7000 to 20000. Salary is also available according to work and shift. Career in this field moves very fast. Here you can get a chance to lead a team or a group in a very short time. But for this your performance should be good.

 If you want a chance to go abroad with a job, then you should apply at KPO.

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Major job providing companies :
1 genpact
2 wns global
3 IBM Skills
4 Aditya Birla Minx Worldwide
6 Wipro BPO
7 First Source
8 Infosys BPO
10 EXL Service Holding

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The challenges in BPO / KPO

  1. There is a lot of work pressure in BPO / KPO. Apart from this, due to working in shifts, it also affects the health of many people.
  2. Flexibility is low in time and working hours and according to that, job orientation is not available if salary is not available.
  3. There is no law for BPO / KPO in the country yet, there is always a danger of going to jobs.

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