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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Career in Criminology: Courses, Skills, Employment prospects and all about

 High-tech methods adopted by criminals also

harass police and detective agencies. Experts are the most in demand to prevent these. While technology has given many kinds of facilities to the people, on the other hand cases of its misuse are also coming to the fore. Cybercrime is a form of misuse of technology, which is proving to be quite fatal. Its growing net has given rise to a new concern. 

There is a great demand for strong professionals in criminology to stop this crime.

What kind of area is?
Criminology, ie criminology, is a specialized branch of science, in which crime and methods of avoiding it are explained in detail. Its scope increases based on the work of criminals.

 Essentially omitting clues when committing a criminal offense, knowingly or unknowingly. This includes various things such as herring marks, hair, blood, spit or any other biological material, weapons used in crime or other objects. Through such evidence, the method, nature and purpose of the crime, the offender can be reached.

 The professionals who uncover the crime solving these clues are known as criminologists. These criminals have helped criminals reach the throne of justice by solving very complex knots related to many crimes. 

Only this exciting career can be associated, when the average study of Criminology will be completed.

Criminology and forensic science are different
Often people consider forensic science and criminology to be the same, while the two are different. Forensic science is a part of criminology, which describes how criminals can study and use their evidence. 

Functions related to DNA investigation, finger print are involved in forensic science, while in criminology such as gathering evidence from the scene, studying crime related situations, the cause of crime and its impact on society and helping the investigation team work Is included.

How to start?
If you are a jurie, you can do two years PG in Criminology ». After that one can do one year master's degree or PhD. During the PhD, research or study is presented in the university on the complexities of crime, causes of crime and steps used in their prevention, tendency of criminals etc. Special courses in Criminology are also conducted for the axis. Candidates employed for this course may also be eligible. 

There are many institutes like IFS, which offer 3 to 6 months certificates and advanced courses.

What is included in the syllabus?
Under Criminology, detailed information about police administration, human behavior etc. is given to the students. In order to curb criminals, the nuances of the analysis of evidence and evidence are given. Principles of Criminology, Criminal Law, Police-Administration, Sociology, History, Psychology of Crime etc. are included in it. It is worth mentioning that this involves frequent experiments. 

In view of the fast growing network of criminals and cyber crime, it has also been made a part of it, due to which the Criminology is also being updated with the changing times.

Skills that will make you successful
Along with qualifications, there are many skills that are considered essential for professionals. Usually, the youth with search, patience, hard work and adventurous qualities make great progress in it. Criminologists have to keep the eyes and ears open. Due to the social environment and statistics games, understanding of psychology in it is absolutely necessary. 

For this, high skill of analysis and quality of psychiatrist also have special meaning. Apart from this, there should be a passion to face challenges all the time. 

The skill of collecting data and keeping them in order also helps a lot in this profession.

Broad employment prospects
There are opportunities in both government and primary sectors. Most of the work is being done in the form of research projects. 

Apart from this, employment can be available in CBI, IB, private banks, government crime laboratories, police administration, judicial agencies, Indian Army, Central Detective Companies, Research Analysis Wing etc.

 One can also do teaching work in any university or college.

The Wages
  After taking the course seriously, a Criminologist can easily get 30 to 35 thousand rupees per month in a round of coners. 

After three to four years of experience, they can earn 50 to 55 thousand rupees every month. Also can work as a freelancer.

Some major services
'Ma /' in Criminology
'In Forensic Pathology
This is Criminology
Certificate Course in Criminology
'Science and research in criminology

Premier institutes
  National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, New Delhi
University of Lucknow, Lucknow
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
Patna University, Bihar
University of Madras, Chennai
Dr. Hari Singh Gaur University, Madhya Pradesh

Work on these posts
  Crime Intelligence
Rethinking Law Reform
Forensic Experts
Consumer Advocate
Drug Policy Advisor
Environment Protection Analyst
Community Correction Coordinator

What is the expert say
Criminology is the right career in view of fast growing crimes. 

Under this, criminal law, IPC / CRPC, forensic science, punishment etc. are mentioned. If the student is doing the course properly then he will not have to bother for employment if he steps in this field.

The biggest limitation of this profession is that most people are coming after specialization, which is already associated with another genre. 

Recordings of this course are also limited. The number of girls in it is also much less than boys. 

The biggest reason for this is that people do not know about the course concerned, whereas today the calculation by which the charter of cybercrime is increasing, in that case they need it at every step.

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