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Monday, November 16, 2020

Make career in Nursing: Get packages in Lakhs and job Opportunities Abroad

 Let us know how many benefits of nursing are

there, what are the opportunities of a job abroad. How are nurses made.

Nursing job is considered to be the best. Nursing is the best career for you if you also have a passion to serve patients and suffering with qualities like service, tolerance and dedication.
It is best for those with the ability to work long hours even under stressful conditions.
Let us know how to make a career in nursing.

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Here's how to start:
People wishing to become nurses can start at different levels. You can start with the Assistant Nurse Midwife / Health Worker (ANM) course. 

The duration of this diploma course is one and a half years and the minimum qualification is tenth pass. Apart from this, you can also do General Nurse Midwifery (GNM) course which is three and a half years old. For this, the minimum qualification is to pass XII in Physical, Chemical and Biology with 40 percent marks.

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Apart from ANM and GNM, one can also graduate in nursing from various nursing schools and colleges spread across the country. For this, the minimum qualification has been passed twelfth in English, Physical, Chemical and Biology with 45 percent marks. For this, you must be at least 17 years of age.

For the B.Sc Nursing (Post Basic) course, you can choose either a two-year regular course or a three-year distance learning course.

For regular course where minimum qualification is 10 + 2 + GNM. The minimum qualification for doing this course from distance education is 10 + 2 + GNM + two years of experience.

Please tell that only the basic BSC nursing course is considered modern.

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Women aged 17 to 24 are selected for the B.Sc (Nursing) course run by the Indian Defense Services.

Here also the minimum qualification is 12th with 45 percent marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English subjects. The applicant also has to pass a written examination. He should also be physically fit. Selected people have to sign a five-year contract for defense services.

GNM or BSc is sufficient to get a job in any medical institution. Each state has separate organizations registering nurses.

After getting education, you can register yourself with the Nursing Council of your state. Registration helps you get a job.

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Apart from the basic course of nursing, you can also take specialization in the following areas by taking post-basic speciality (one-year diploma) course:
Cardiac Thoracic Nursing
Critical-Care Nursing
Emergency and Disaster Nursing
Neonatal Nursing
Care in Neurological Diseases (Neuro Nursing)
Nursing Education and Administration
Cancer Nursing (Oncology Nursing)
Operation room nursing
Disabled Medical Nursing
Midwifery practitioner

Psychiatric Nursing (Psychiatric Nursing)
It will cost:
The cost of nursing studies depends on the institute. Government and government aided colleges provide education at a lower rate than private institutions.
Private institutions charge annual fees from 40,000 to 1,80,000 for the BSC nursing course. The fees for GNM courses here range between 45,000 and 140,000. At the same time, its fees are much less than government colleges.


Huge job opportunities:
There are immense job opportunities for trend nurses in government or private hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, old age homes, sanitary residences, various other industries and defense services. There are also opportunities for them in the Indian Red-Cross Society, Indian Nursing Council, State Nursing Councils and other nursing institutions.

Even after the ANM course, they get jobs as primary health care workers at primary medical centers spread all over the country.

Nurses can also do administrative work in addition to teaching work in medical colleges and nursing schools. Entrepreneurial people can work on their own terms by starting their own nursing bureau.

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pay scale:
Initially, you can get a monthly salary of Rs 7 to 17 thousand in this field. Nurses at mid-level positions receive between 18 and 37 thousand rupees.
More experienced nurses can also get 48 to 72 thousand rupees as monthly salary. Nurses employed in the US, Canada, England and Middle-East countries receive even higher salaries.

Follow these 3 steps for nursing career:
Step 1. Degree or B.Ed. from a reputed institute.
Step 2. It will be beneficial for you to acquire technology in any field.

Step 3. Register yourself in any state nursing council after the course.

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Job opportunities abroad too:
There is a great demand for highly educated nurses abroad. India has become the largest supplier of nurses in many countries.
In pursuit of good money and better living, experienced Indian nurses have started to move abroad. This is also a major reason for the decrease in the number of nurses in the country.

So nursing course is much better for girls, Nursing course now have become very essential in India and abroad, It's future is looking bright, While here's some cons.

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