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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Make Money Online: Earn Rs5000 to Rs10000 Weekly Online, know How?

 Thousands of people are making money online

through different channels and thousands of dollars collecting by doing or advising about various types of projects. The title itself will make you sit eagerly to know what is in this article that helps or suggests you to earn thousands of rupees by working online.

Thousands of people are searching the internet for real work from home based online part time jobs to earn extra income for daily or weekly.

Even monthly salary is not enough to meet our financial needs, but every additional bit of money can help you to make your financial situation better.
As your work capacity is limited there and you will not be compensated for the work you have done?

Many people are trying to make money online, but most of them do not get success.

Because they want to make money only but not ready to learn that how can it possible after investment of time only 2 or 3hrs daily.

I have personally experienced this mindset after discussing it with many people every day.

Even in this blog, I have mentioned some of the best money making ideas of earning from the internet, but these ideas will give you success only when you are ready for learn.

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So are you ready? Are you ready to learn and earn money from the Internet?

Requirements to start Earnings :

Here you spend some time in this article to read this research report which will give you the idea of earning thousands of rupees online.

To earn such income you need to have certain requirements and they are:

  1. personal computer or laptop
  2. High-speed Internet connector
  3. Email account (it is recommended to use Gmail)
  4. bank account
  5. Online Payment Gateway Paypal Account
  6. Smartphone

If you are ready to fulfill all these requirements then you are ready to earn money online without any investment.

Here, I want you to sit patiently for some time to read what is written in this post so that you never miss this golden opportunity to earn money from home without investing any penny.

This post covers some possible ways to make money online without investing any money from your pocket.

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The best ideas to earn Rs.50000 monthly:

Even myself, I started my career as a blogger in 2009 and am now earning a handsome monthly revenue (as a part-time blogger).

Do you want to start a new blogging business? I will personally train you to be a blogger.

Now we work on our computer from our home and earn such amazing income every month.

Start with an online survey from home:

Working in online survey from home you can easily earn Rs. 20 - Rs. 250 per survey by working for about 30 or 40 minutes.

You will be asked a sequence of questions in the survey and you will be paid if you have successfully completed it.

What are surveys? Surveys are a group of questions asked to get feedback from a group of people about a product or service instead of money.

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How does survey work? Multinational companies are regularly involved in remodeling their products or service to survive in this market to learn and grow up product and service.

So they need real opinions from real people time to time and for this purpose, they use to conduct online surveys at frequent intervals.

How can you earn? No person is willing to spend their time reviewing or expressing their opinion. So these companies came forward to spend millions of dollars on this survey work to increase their revenue.

How to join survey sites? You have to register a free account with online survey panels and then complete your profile surveys first to know what can you do for them.

When these survey panels receive a survey they will send you an email invitation to participate in the surveys.

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Write articles for Other blogs:

If you are good at writing articles for blogs and websites for any subject then your skills are more likely to make money.

Take the survey, give your opinion and get paid instead.
90 out of 100 bloggers are looking for a content writer to write content for their blog and there are always 90 opportunities when a new 100 blog is launched.

Writing an article: you must have proper skills and knowledge to write about particular topic and Learn on page SEO techniques for writing articles before writing. You can get anywhere from Rs.100 to Rs.500 per SEO friendly quality article.

Write deep articles of more than 1500 to 2000 words so that you can get more revenue. Don't worry who will buy your articles?

There are many websites out there whose main business is selling articles for bloggers. Article writers like you should open a free account there and complete their profile.

Register your account with article base, article biz, ezine article, etc. Submit your article in the correct category.

They will display your article for sale and on successful sales, you will be paid. You can easily get Rs. 5000 to 10000 weekly without much effort.

Get into the habit of writing at least 1 article per day. If you have paid Rs 250 per article per day, then you can get Rs. 7500 per month from writing articles only.

Spend at least 1 - 2.5 hours to write the article, so that you will get a good income every month regularly.

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Start with Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based business system where a real person who works as an affiliate will earn a commission to sell products (or) services.

You don’t need to make product or service, but you can sell other merchant products for an affiliate commission.

This affiliated business is becoming very popular among college students, bloggers, housewives who seek a part-time job to work from home.

How can you do?

Find the right affiliate program and analyze their product or service to setup.

Register as an affiliate and access your dashboard.

Find ad-code or referral link and promote on social media, blog etc.

When someone makes a purchase through your affiliate URL you will earn a commission.

In India, the Amazon affiliate program is the top rated program and there are still many other similar businesses running.

For example, Commission Junction, Share A Sale, Grammar, Yoast SEO all have an affiliate program where you can participate without any investment.

Get some product knowledge and start promoting immediately to earn a handsome revenue on every successful sale.

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Start Own YouTube channel:

YouTube is one of the leading video blogging portals in the world. You can search and watch any type of video on YouTube.

But at the same time, you can also earn some additional revenue if you use the platform properly.

Yes, become a YouTuber by creating a channel, upload some quality videos and promote videos in your social network.

Join the YouTube Partner Program (Google Adsense) to monetize your videos published on your channel.

YouTube is one of the easiest ways to earn money. 50000 monthly without many consecutive attempts.

Google will display video overlay ads to generate some revenue and they will share with you every month.

You can earn around Rs 7000 to 100000 every month by uploading your quality videos to YouTube.

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Become a Micro Worker:

There are many people who are working part time, making some extra income. You can make some good monthly income from these works.

Most companies were looking for people to do a small task for a particular period. This scenario is called micro jobs.

Many sites like Fiverr, mTurk, Click worker are offering lots of micro jobs to the people.

You can register a free account with these sites and complete some basic skill testing programs.

Depending on your score, you will be allowed to take multiple micro-jobs and be paid upon completion.

This method is a simple and good way to earn money without any investment. Many college students, housewives, are already engaged.

Now it's your turn, use this opportunity.

Join Paid to Click Sites:

What is the pay for click sites? Paid to click on sites, simply referred to as PTC, is a business model that provides immediate real human traffic to a website or blog or business and in return they direct those visitors to visit these sites Will pay a small amount of money.

How can you work Register a free account with this list of actual paying PTC sites. Make a habit of logging in daily and see all available ads on their advertising page.

You will be paid to watch advertisements, just like you are watching advertisements on TV. What are PTC sites and how to earn?

How much can you make? You will be paid between $ 0.0001 to $ 0.01 depending on the length of the ad you are viewing.

All your payments will be made to your bank account through an online processor such as PayPal or Payza.

So you need to open an account with those processors to get your payment.

Join multiple sites and work together to earn more income.

There is no investment required to start this method, but you can definitely make money.

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Earn from your Smartphone:

In today's technological age, everyone has a smartphone and they use it for various purposes like making calls, shopping online, etc.

But they are some mobile money-making apps that are available in the market, so that you can earn some extra by doing small tasks.

I have done a research on this topic and written an article about money making apps, where I have listed some paying Android, iOS apps.

You just have to download an app from the play store and install it in your smartphone. Then register an account using your social profile.

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you can earn money from the following activities:

1. Doing small tasks

2. Surveying

3. playing games

4. Sharing Articles

5. Watching Video

6. Referring friends

7. Money-making apps

In addition, you can earn referral commissions by referring your friend to their program which may be an additional part of your revenue.

You can earn money even when you are traveling somewhere or when you are engaged in any other activities.

Start your Own Blog

A blog is a kind of website where the blog owner shares information about a product or service or an event.

For example, let's take an online home income blog, in which information about earning money online, career tips, education, business ideas, money management, etc. has been shared.

There are many possibilities of making money from blogging such as advertising, selling products, selling services, etc.

Blogging is a big industry where there is a lot of possibility of earning money online and you can earn 50000 to 100000 rupees monthly more easily.

No matter what interests have you? You can blog about anything, anywhere and anytime.

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1. What is a blog?: A great place to share your thoughts, ideas, information through a web page in a user-readable format.

To create a blog you need to learn programs like PHP, HTML, CSS or you can use CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress or Blogger.

Do not worry about the subject because there are a large number of topics available and the internet provides opportunities to everyone equally.

If you want to start a blog, then you need to know about these four things:

A. Required a blog

B. Write valuable content

C. Set up your blog

D. Express your content and build your blog

Choose a topic : So the main requirement for a blog is to make money blogging and hence you have to choose a topic that is hot and trending.

If you want to advise me, I will let you choose to "earn money online" as a subject because it is still soliciting huge numbers on search engines.

Write Valuable Content: So you have chosen your topic, now you need the content. Don't worry here too, you have online tools to give subjects to write content.

Use the Google Keyword Research Planner, the Word Stream Keyword Suggestion Tool, and use Semerush for mostly better keyword searches.

Frame a sentence with the keyword that will give you a topic. Research on the internet for writing deep articles of 2000 pounds or more.


Set up your blog: It's time to set up your blog. This includes choosing the best reliable web hosting and a suitable domain name.

You can get a best domain name and web hosting here. Get a reliable hosting plan and install WordPress or Blogger as it is easy for newbies to get started.

Publish new content and build your blog: Now start posting your articles on your blog daily. Plan and execute a promotional strategy to get traffic to your blog.

Create traffic; Once you start getting traffic you can start making money from it. I am sure that if you can make money for people properly then you can actually make money.

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If you are ready to learn and earn money online without spending any penny then you can earn Rs50000 to Rs100000 monthly from above mentioned ideas depends upon your knowledge and working skills.

How did you feel about this money making opportunity, please mention below in the comments box.

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