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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Online Micro jobs ; Legit Sites, Earnings and all about

 Various types of online micro jobs are available

to search for jobseekers that's provide big opportunities to learn legitimate income.

In this post, we will discuss with you about various micro job websites that provide micro-tasks to people and give them a chance to earn online.

These types of jobs are often popular in many countries and are suitable for college students, housewives and others who are seeking a second income.

Many people are making very good income from these jobs by working online from the comfort of their home.

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Like other online jobs, there are many scammers in this industry and it is difficult to separate legitimate sites from scam sites.

Base of micro jobs?
A micro job is a small work of any kind for the employer or sometimes it is called temporary work instead of a bit of money.

The employee may work for the employer personally or from a remote location it's depends on situation.
These micro jobs are usually completed in minutes and only a basic skill and knowledge is required to do these jobs.

On micro jobs websites, you can be assigned small micro tasks such as:
• Get information on Google

• Commenting on the blog

• Creating a Gmail account

• categorize products

• Tweet something

• Create posts on forums etc.

Many unemployed, students and housewives have chosen these micro jobs as a source of their additional revenue.

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How does micro job sites work?

Sites that offer micro-tasks have been classified as micro-job sites. They stand as midst between employer and worker.

The employer can register an account for people to post micro jobs after making a nominal deposit for payment to the worker.

Similarly, workers can also register an account to find micro-employment suitable for them. You can choose any task based on your skill and time.

See the employer's terms and conditions before attempting to act. Once you are satisfied, you can take that micro job.

Complete the work before the time runs out and then submit evidence to the employer handing over the work.

The employer will review the work and once marked as complete, micro jobs websites issue payments to the worker.

They will take a small percentage as commission for their support and service.

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Types of Micro Jobs

There are many types of micro jobs but some of them are legit given below:
Online jobs: These are jobs that can be done entirely online, which do not require real-world involvement.
Employers usually advertise on online micro-job websites for people who are willing to work.

The best example is Amazon Mountark which is a variant of this type.

Real Tasks: A website promoting such micro jobs is basically a heterogeneous job market.

These micro jobs are not complete online, but a person's presence is required to complete the activity.
Task Rabbit, it is a kind of micro job website.

Crowdsourcing sites: In this type, a large company hires multiple employees to do small portions of a large project.

Usually employees log on to the company's website to do the work available.
Envato is a type of micro job site that uses crowdsourcing for a wide variety of tasks.

How much can I earn here?

Micro job websites pay anywhere between $ 0.01 to $ 1, depending on the task, to complete the work and employer-submitted payments.

Another factor that affects your earnings is your geographical location, as more daily work will be found in these countries like USA, UK.
While in other countries, there will be less work for workers.

The number of tasks you are assigned is also based on your success percentage, your skills, and past complete history.

All these factors affect your earnings, but in the end, if you clearly learn and understand the employer's instructions, you can earn anywhere between $ 150 - $ 500 each month.

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How to get paid?

Before you start earnings with these micro jobs websites, you should register a free account with payment processors such as PayPal, etc.

Some sites pay when you reach a minimum of $ 20. You can find the payment mode in the respective website accounts section.

Some micro jobs may not offer you any kind of cash payment, but they do offer points or gift vouchers that can be redeemed in any other way.

Tools for micro jobs

To earn such income you need to have certain requirements and they are:

Personal computer or laptop

High-Speed Internet Connector

Email account (this is the account for using Gmail)

Bank account

Offline payment gateway accounts


If you are ready to fulfill all these requirements then you are ready to earn money online without any investment.

List of the Best legitimate Micro Job sites:

Many micro jobs are done entirely online from a computer and some may require real-world interaction and a smartphone.

For example, the company may ask you to take a photo of a product and submit it online through your mobile phone.

Let's see some reliable money making micro jobs sites that are legitimate and pay people on time.

Envato Studio:

Envato is a large market for microtasks in the world. There are many types of micro jobs available on their online platforms.

The best place to find quality video editor, theme designer, audio expert, content writer, freelance gigs, etc.

You can also work full time if you want, but if you have quality service to offer, the income from Envato is limitless.

If you really put your efforts on this site you can earn up to $ 500 every month.

Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Amazon Mechanical Turks are the most popular websites in the micro-jobs sector that are owned and operated by Amazon. It is also called Mountark.

In MTurk, micro jobs are designated as HET (Human Intelligence Tasks), with employers designated as requestors.

Registration is free and you can register as either a worker or a requestor. You can become a member just by filling their registration form.
You are allowed to work after registering an account and having it verified by Amazon.


Fiverr is also a micro job website that works a little differently. Here, the task is called a gig which is usually presented by the worker.

As a worker, people advertise their services in various fields for $ 5 and the employer can select an employee based on reviews, qualifications, and more.

Registration is completely free and you can list your services for $ 5. Services are not limited to a particular niche or project and can be anything from design, development, coding, etc.

Fiverr is the best marketplace for internet marketers who can hire for any micro-tasks such as:

• Video and animation
• logo design
• copy-writing
• content writing
• blog comment
• Social media management etc.

You can set your work time and project completion date. When someone sends you a request, you reply to them if you are interested.

There are three levels, first level seller, second level seller and top rated seller, where your level determines how many sales you will get.

All your payments will be made through PayPal and Fiverr will charge $ 1 as commission for offering this platform.


Microworkers is the best option for Mturk and those we have failed to obtain approval from Mturk can register with Microworkers.
Micro-jobs are called tasks, the person who provides the work is called the employee and the person who performs the work is called the worker.

When you register your account, you will be assigned very few tasks in your initial days to assess your eligibility.

Focus on quality and completed tasks on time, so that the employer can present your work in the best way that helps in achieving more of your tasks in future.

A single negative rating will affect your overall accuracy. If it falls below 75%, you will not be allowed to work.

In that case, you have to remain stable and ideal for a period of 30 days and start again from the beginning.

Microworkers are country-specific and provide more work to people from Tier 1 countries like USA, UK and Tier 2 countries like Pakistan etc.

If you are a laborer from a Tier 1 country, you can easily earn more than $ 100, but it is difficult for a Tier 2 below country worker to earn it.

They pay anywhere between $ 0.005 to $ 0.05 depending on the length of work, per job by the employer, geographical location, etc.

Registration is free for both the employer and the worker, and be sure to enter the correct information including address, mailing details, etc.

Microworkers will require you to verify your mailing address via the PIN verification method in the form of Google Verification to withdraw your first earnings.

Your payment will be done through PayPal payment processor.


RapidWorkers is another micro job site of the same kind that actually pays its members.

Similarly, like other sites, the person giving the job is called the employee and the person doing the work is called the worker.
The registration process is very simple and the minimum payment is $ 4 via PayPal.

Inbox Dollars:

Inbox Dollars is another genuinely paid micro job site that pays its members to complete small tasks such as signing up, reading emails, referring others and so on.

The participants can earn money from minor tasks like watching advertisements, surveying, shopping online and playing games etc.

They give you a $ 5 signup bonus immediately after completing the registration process and once you have confirmed your email.

The minimum payment is $ 30 and they will pay via PayPal after deducting the $ 3 cash out fee.

Figure Eight (Former Crowd Flower):

Figure Eight is another good way to earn money online from the internet. They work slightly different from the Mturk and the Microworkers.
They served directly offer task on their portal instead they offer through third party websites.

The most famous sites that offer crowd flower tasks are as Neobux and Clixsense.
As a worker, you can select any number of tasks to complete every single day.

The tasks include:
• Finding information
• Classify the products
• Extracting data from the images etc.

The most important part is that they have any geographic locations and the workers from the tier 1 and tier 2 can earn decent income every month.

In the beginning, you will get only very few tasks as you were at the beginner stage starting at Level 0.
Also, the pay rates are so negligible that most people think it's a waste of time.

But as your accuracy improves, you will be assigned more tasks as your level grows.

At Level 2 and Level 3, Six Figure keeps you busy all through the day by assigning more tasks from the employers.

It will take approximately 2 months to reach the level 1, your patience and focus surely pay you in the future.

I recommend to register with Neobux and Clixsense to get Figure Eight micro jobs as they are the most trusted sites over decades.

You can earn up to $ 1 - $ 5 per hour when you are at level 1. Apart from doing micro tasks, you can earn more income by completing online surveys.

This is another perfect way to make some additional revenue by using your free time answering questions.
With all the kinds of work put together and working for 4 - 5 hours every day, you can earn up to $ 200 - $ 300 every month from the Internet.

They pay through payment processors such as PayPal, Payza, Payoneer but I ask you to refer the default payment mode while registering.

Currently, Clixsense makes their payment through Payoneer, Skrill etc and the minimum payout threshold is $ 10.

Among so many micro jobs are the best platform for people to make money during their early stages.

This is the best option for those who are looking for some fast money after completing the job. Take care in finding legal micro jobs sites as most of the sites are asking money for registration.

If any micro job website asks you for investment to register as a worker, it is better to avoid them.

I have listed a few sites that are legitimate and genuine in paying their members online. How do you think about this opportunity, please comment below in the box.

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