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Monday, December 7, 2020

Top 11 + Legitimate online jobs that pay you daily or weekly!

 Online jobs can make a significant contribution

in our economic life so that's why everyone demands to have an option of full time jobs.

If you are struggling to find a real online job that pays more than once or twice per month, then you come to the right place.

This list of weekly or daily paid legal online jobs will help you budget your income and give you more reliable salary.

Most of them also pay easily through PayPal!

However, remember that these are not necessarily high-paying online jobs.

Weekly or daily paying online jobs are often small, easy jobs that you can complete on your own time and should be considered side income.

Nevertheless, if you conform to them, you can earn some reliable, extra cash to spend money or help with bills.

Jobs that pay daily or weekly

Before signing up or applying for these secure weekly or same-day paid jobs, get yourself a PayPal account, as most of them will pay you how.

You can sign up for free, and it's simple and convenient to use!

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Data entry jobs

Many data entry job sites provide payment options of daily, weekly or monthly payments, some of them are mentioned below :


Clickworker pays for small tasks such as research or product classification. Those who are enabled for a PayPal account or are part of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) with a valid bank account are allowed to join.

Pays after completion of 7 days

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or Amazon Mountark, is a micro-task website that pays you to complete small tasks, such as searching for contact information from websites and recording them.

The minimum payment is $ 1 and it pays weekly via direct deposit or gift card.


As a CrowdFlower contributor, you can participate in smaller tasks while having some extra time. As you do more tasks, you gain levels, which can also help you earn money faster.
You can earn more to complete the daily checklist of tasks. Payment is made via PayPal weekly.

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Phone and chat jobs

A better call

A Better Call is an online call center with virtual workers. You will be a Business to Business Telemarketer or Lead Generation Specialist.

Must have two years of relevant experience. You can earn $ 20 per hour or more and payment is weekly.


Amazon is one of the largest providers of jobs in the world, and has recently added many more jobs to its work from the domestic jobs database.

On the Amazon Careers page, you can filter the results from the Work from Home job to find them more easily.

One of the more popular ones of the company is the position of customer service agent.

These agents help answer questions via email and phone for customers placing orders.

However, there are many others, and some of them pay weekly!

One of the best things on Amazon is also flexible scheduling, so that you can work as much as possible around your family.

Apple @ Home

Apple @ Home Advisors works with one of the largest technology companies in the world and is paid to do it from home.

Apple is also known for letting its agents work with free Apple computers!

The company offers weekly salaries, some flexible scheduling, and various other benefits, such as paid time off and product discounts.

You will be responsible for providing some technical support and customer service to Apple customers, so having some information about Apple products can help.

Call center Qa

The call center hires telephone mystery shoppers to make phone calls to QA companies and ask various questions.

Gives $ 5 per call and after-call survey and pays with PayPal within 7 business days.

Game Time to play

Game Time is a mobile ticketing service that has everything from sports events to music festivals.

As a representative of the company, you will answer inbound phone calls about tickets, orders, returns, and more.

You will need at least two years of customer service experience and high-level Internet and computer skills.

You can do everything from home; The team virtually communicates over Slack.

Get more than $ 15 per hour. You can work up to 40 hours a week and get paid weekly.

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Mobile app jobs

Many mobile app also provide money making opportunity by downloading application for money some of them are mentioned below here :

Field agent

Field Agent is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

You get paid to complete tasks in your area, such as taking pictures of specific products or promotions in a store.

Most tasks pay between $ 3 and $ 12, and when you cash out, you pay immediately with PayPal or Dwolla.

Ibota app

The Ibota app is available for Android and iOS and lets you earn cash back rebates from the things you buy.

Your discounted cash will be credited to your iBoat account within 48 hours, and you can cash in with PayPal or Venmo once you reach $ 20. Payment usually takes about 24 hours.

Mobisev App

You can earn money from your store purchases with the MobiSave app for iOS and Android.

Payments are immediately credited to your PayPal account after you receive your cash back, and it does not take more than 24 hours to clear.


You can become a customer call agent using the VOIQ app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Agents call customers through customer campaigns and you can choose the campaigns you want to work on. You must be at least 21 years old and have call center experience.

The pay is 30 cents per talk minute with some campaigns with additional bonuses. Pays with PayPal every Friday.

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Tuition jobs

Tutorial jobs also provide payment options hourly, daily, weekly or monthly some of them are mentioned below;


Cabley provides English language learning services. As a teacher you can provide ELL students with learning opportunities through video or audio.

17 cents per minute gives talk time and you get your earnings every Monday through PayPal.


Studipool tutor answers the questions posted by the students in the market. You can bid on the questions you want to answer, give your answers and pay.

After your answer is accepted, you can request your earnings. Pays via check or paypal, and payment usually processes within 3 business days.


As a cheg tutor, your salary starts at $ 20 per hour with increased opportunities.

You can set your own hours based on your time, and want to work. Pays weekly via PayPal.


As a NiceTalk tutor, you will help English language learners learn language by speaking with them through the app.

Work is flexible and you will receive weekly payouts with few bonus opportunities.

Freelance jobs

The following freelance marketplaces are websites that connect freelancers with clients who have to complete work.

They offer gigs in a wide variety of categories, so you can browse and find work that fits your skills.

Many freelance marketplaces release your salary within a few days, so I can list some of the best below:


FreeeUp is one of the new markets on the web, but it is a good one.

There are lots of gigs listed here all the time.

You can apply in about 15 minutes to set your profile and start working.

FreeeUp is slightly more selective than others, however, allowing only the top 1% of applicants to join.

Freelancers get paid every Thursday before work, which they completed before payment.


Upwork is a redesign of Odyssey that has been around for a few years now and is gaining popularity with both freelancers and clients.

However, it is now difficult to access because its database has too many freelancers.

Still, if you have skills that are unique and are not currently cluttering upwork freelancer pools, you can make the cut.

Upwork freelancers can be paid for hourly or fixed-price contracts.

Once your customer approves the work and payment, you may be eligible for that payment in five working days.

Your upwork account will tell you when your money can be released.

On that day, choose where you want it to go, and the next day of your business it can be in your account, so the process won't take more than a week.

You can also tell Upwork to pay for any money at a particular time, like every Tuesday, which is eligible for withdrawal of any money.

Many other related jobs options are available for making money online jobs that pay you hourly, daily, weekly or monthly above mentioned options are tested by our team. How do you think about please mention below in the comments box.

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