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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

15 + Places to Get paid to watch videos

 Everywhere in the houses are watching video

without a bit of money

We think of turning films or videos into a source of income that comes to our mind either creatively creating new things or is in the film industry. Well, if we say that you can pay to watch the video!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you made money by watching videos, paid to watch movies, made PayPal money by watching videos and made money on YouTube?

When you are watching videos, the pay may not be high and regular but will not deteriorate. To get started, we put some resources down.


This is another site where you get paid to watch videos, and it pays you to watch YouTube videos. You watch videos posted on YouTube, and they pay half a cent for each video they watch.

To maximize earnings, you can rate the video, leave comments, subscribe to the channels and refer it to your contacts.

After earning $ 10, Paid2youtube allows you to transfer payments through PayPal.

This is the best site to earn money watching YouTube.

Join here


Now, this site is an alternative to paid2youtube and allows you to pay by watching a variety of short videos on a daily basis.

You can also earn money by completing surveys, playing online games, performing web searches, and signing up for promotional offers.

You have to pay your first $ 5 to sign up, and you can start making money by watching videos.

Join here


Slidejoy is the easiest and most fun way to get paid to watch videos. All you have to do is bombard your smartphone with advertisements or news, and you need to join them.

These ads may include watching YouTube videos, browsing advertiser's websites, activating digital coupons, or earning Google Play credits.

If you swipe left to join an ad and if you swipe to the right, you dismiss the post. To ensure fair play with users, whether you swipe right or you are left to pay in points, which can later be redeemed via PayPal.

You can also earn points for referring friends and linking your Facebook account. You can download the app from Android Play Store or Apple Stores.

Join here


It is also an app available on the Google Play Store, which allows you to pay to watch videos. You can increase your earnings by sharing videos with friends on social media.
The more friends you share, the more points you place. The payment process with Adfun is also unique.

You are paid by the bidding and redeeming points for the prizes. If you choose other friends to bid with you, your chances of an auction increase. Join Adfun and earn money watching videos.

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Earning station

The site is free to join, and you can earn fast cash here and pay to watch videos. Just sign in and start streaming and watching videos. You can earn cash and cash through PayPal or through a gift card.

The advantage of this site is that the video is on autoplay, so you don't have to watch all the videos, they just keep playing.

Now if you refer then you can earn more and if you are a US user then you earn more than the users of other country.


Using MyPoints, you pay to watch videos. You can earn on this online reward program by viewing advertisements, clipping coupons and filling in surveys. You can earn additional MyPoints by watching news, educational, sports and other video clips.

On watching a video set on MyPoints you get 4-5 MyPoints and the exchange rate of MyPoints is 150-200 MyPoints per dollar.

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Pay to watch TV as a professional TV watcher

You can pay to watch videos as a job by becoming a TV walker.Professional TV watchers perform tasks such as watching different shows and identifying clips that can be used in other programs.

Professional be a lot of difference in the amount you get. A job posting on an entertainment career stated that the starting salary would be $ 8 per hour, with Jimmy Kimmel's show offering $ 500 - $ 600 a week earlier in 2005.

Another website you can visit is WorkInEntertainment, or you can look at common job boards and search for the keyword "TV watcher".


Cashcrate is like all the sites above, where you are paid to watch videos and complete a variety of tasks. You can also watch videos and earn cash which can be obtained through PayPal. You earn 2 points for each video you watch.

There are many gift cards that you can redeem for your point, and you can also pay in bitcoin currency.

You have to watch the video manually, so there is no auto-play feature here.


On this site you can easily earn cash online for various tasks like completing various tasks, mentioning offers, clicking on advertisements and watching videos.

But videos are not passive, but you can still pay to watch videos. All you need is a PayPal account which you can link to InstaGC.

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This is another site that allows you to pay to watch videos. Here you can earn 1 $ per day if you watch the video scheduled for the day.

You have to watch the video manually as there is no autoplay feature. To increase the amount of money, you can invite friends, and if you can romp users from the US and Canada, the site is likely to earn the fastest and most money.
Payment is made through PayPal, bitcoin and gift card.


This is another site to earn gift cards by completing various tasks, and the main activity is watching videos, so you can pay to watch videos here.

You can choose from a variety of options such as selecting videos, watching video trailers, clips from TV shows and commercials.

The earning opportunities are almost limitless, and your reward points can be redeemed for gift cards and paypal cash. New members can also earn a $ 5 signup bonus.

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The site is a reward app that does not allow you to pay directly to watch videos, but to perform various tasks such as trying out new apps, playing games or watching advertisements.

You earn "Nans" for every activity that you can redeem for Amazon gift cards, iTunes store items, paid apps or paid games.


This is another site that allows you to pay to watch videos while watching advertisements. The commercials are for visual prizes.

The best thing with this site is that it has a very low threshold pay-out, that is, when you earn $ 1.10, you can transfer oy cash from your payment through PayPal.

Along with earning money from watching videos and listening to music, you will also be paid to fill surveys, surf the web, try out products, and refer friends. A user-friendly site that allows you to earn PayPal money by watching videos.Sign-up here


Swagbucks is One of the most popular sites where you can pay to watch videos. You can watch all types of videos from advertisements, sports, music and news clips.

To view a video or a collection of videos, which you earn SBS, ie Swag-Buck and you can exchange these at the rate of 100SB = 1 $.

You can watch videos on a regular computer or mobile phone at Swagbucks, and also install the Swagbucks watch as an extension of your Chrome.
SB can also be redeemed as a gift voucher or merchandise instead of cash.

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Do you like videos? Are you a Netflixer or want to become one? Then be a "tagger" and watch the video for the money.

Netflix has published openings labeled as taggers whose original role is to watch videos and tag them in categories. This helps Netflix sort its inventory and also make recommendations to customers.

The position is posted on their job board and is rarely vacant, and the only drawback is that they are not financially attractive and require long hours. But such a compromise can be made when you can watch anything on Netflix and earn from it too!

Sign-up here

Being paid to watch movies or watching videos can make money, from anywhere and anytime.
Day or night, from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can watch videos for money.

Flexibility is its biggest benefit and includes less creativity and your love for binge watching. Keep streaming and earning. Don't forget to check below comment box.

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