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Thursday, January 28, 2021

How to earn money from YouTube and blogging? Step by step easy tips

Google provides place where Millions of people

are earning well through blogging and videos on YouTube. Be it children, students, youth, women or the elderly… this platform gives everyone an equal chance. If you are also interested in it, want to come forward in it, then there is no need to hesitate. There is a need to step forward with just the right methods. Here we are telling you how you can earn both name and price through blogging and YouTube with or without spending a bit of money.

How to earn from Blogging

How can you explain your ideas it depends on your writing skills. A blog is a digital article that your followers come to read. Through the blog, you can give information and write on any topic. The blog is published on your personal website. If your readership is large and people like what you have written, then other websites also share your blog on their website. The person who writes the blog is called blogger and this work is also called blogging in short form.

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Next we are telling you the right way of blogging.

Step by step guide

First of all, choose the topic of your choice that you have a good grip on and you can write it with full confidence. Then buy a good domain name that you can use as an identity.

• Then choose the right website such as WordPress or In the beginning you can use the easiest app blogger.

After learning the work you can go to WordPress. Please tell that an account can be created on Blogger without any money, but you have to pay for WordPress.

• Design your blog in a plain and attractive way. Choose designs that load easily and quickly.

You can also use many pre-designed templates and themes.

• Be regular in writing blogs. Keep publishing your articles at a certain time. Taking too much gap can be harmful.

Keep all the content original, do not copy paste anything.

• Make a good logo of the blog, make a different design and make it a good brand.

After that marketing and promoting it on various social media platforms.

• Take the help of search engine optimization (SEO). Read it in detail about SEO from Google or various websites and use it for promotion of your content.

• Start earning by creating an account with Google Adsense. Gradually increase your earnings through affiliate marketing, classifieds, market place, advertising sales, sponsored reviews and paid posts, email marketing, etc.

If you want, you can also sell your written blog to other websites.

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How to earn from YouTube

In the digital age, most of our time is spent on the phone. Now we get information about everything on YouTube and Google. But think if you start getting money by putting videos on YouTube.

Although you know that you earn from YouTube, but what is the right way and how to increase your earnings, do you know this? Read further about this.

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Step by step guide

• First create your channel on YouTube. Note that there should not be any other channel with that name or similar name. Then add your original content.

Do not enter stolen or copied content from anywhere. Because YouTube can get fined for it and your channel may also be closed.

After that activate YouTube's monetize policy and keep regular videos. Keep the content short and fun so that it gets more views and the viewer is not bored.

Promote your videos on other social media platforms. The more views, the higher your earnings.

• Get help from affiliate marketing. Join Affiliate Network of various websites and then make a promotional video of their product.

After creating the video, give the link to purchase that item in description. You will get a commission whenever someone clicks on it or purchases it.

• Make good SEO (search engine optimization) for your videos. Enter the words from which people search for that topic or content.

• You can also ask for donation by making spiritual or educational videos. Apart from this, you can also sell your videos to other channels.

When the view of your videos increases, you can also get sponsors. They will give you money to make videos and can also get you promoted.

• To use YouTube account money, first add your account with Google ADS. The YouTube account is automatically linked to the account of ADS, when you have approved the partner program.

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Account details will have to be approved by adding account details in ADS. After which every month, money will automatically go to your account. Keep in mind that when there are more than $ 100 (about 7 thousand rupees) in the account of ADS, then they will be transferred to your account. How did you find this interesting article, place comments in the below box.

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