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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Top 7 + PTR (Paid to Read Email) sites that pay India and worldwide

 What is paid email concept?

Paid to read email is an online rewards community

where you can earn money for your time and efforts by reading emails, surveying, completing offers, citing friends!

You can choose to earn points that are redeemable for gift cards, guaranteed paid email (GPE) and more.

Is the email paid to read scam?

Paid to read email is not a scam, it is a very good rewards site that pays you to check email. ... One similar site that I suggest is Inbox Dollars, but they only pay by check.

The only significant benefit of email is paid with PayPal for reading.

How can I get paid to read email?

It really is that simple. Get daily emails. Read them get paid.

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Paying to read your email is easy

1. Get daily. PaidEmails

2. Earn $ 5 Bonus. Signing up.

3. Earn Extra Cash. From the offer.

4. Do PTR sites really pay?

5. Can you pay to read email?

6. Most will pay anywhere from 1 to 5 cents to open an email and read it.

Since most websites only send a few emails per day, you definitely won't get rich from reading their emails. ...

something is better than nothing, especially when it will only take a few minutes to read your paid email

What is the best email service for you?

• Proton Mail.


• Outlook.

•Yahoo Mail.

• Joho

Sites that pay you to read email

• 1- Fusion Cash.

• 2- Inbox Dollars.

# 3- Unique Award.

• 4- Cash Crate.

• 5- Cash4Offers.

• 6- Fatcatards.

• Send 7- Earnings.

• 8- UniqPaid.

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Get Paid To Read Get Email Legal Sites Will Pay For You?

Are you ready to learn more about this "paid email" thing?

As someone who uses it as an avenue for earning a little extra every month, I know a lot about it and want to share it with our readers!

Why do sites pay you to read emails?

Let's start with an important fact that you should try to make money with email before reading. These websites will pay you to read their emails, not your personal ones. Do not expect to earn any money from any website to refine your own inbox.

Originally, paid emails are brands to advertise with companies.

How much do they pay?

I will be honest and tell you that reading emails from these sites will not earn you a lot of money. You can do more if you do what the email wants you to do with the brand.

But, email alone did not give you much. Most will pay anywhere from 1 to 5 cents to open an email and read it.

Since most websites only send a few emails per day, you definitely won't get rich from reading their emails.

But, think of it this way:

You read emails every day for free, right? Sometimes, several times per day! Why not read these emails for a few minutes of your day and make a little money?

Websites that pay you to read emails can offer either cash or points as rewards and when you sign up, the value of the emails read will be.

Better than nothing, especially when it will only take a few minutes to read your paid email.

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Tips for Avoiding Paid Email Scams

Scams, unfortunately, run rampant in the region. You can also see websites that tell you that they will pay you to read your personal emails.

What do they ask for in return? Your email account and password to "gain access" to your email to help your advertisers understand your interests.

Instead, most of these end up in order to get your email password, lock you up, and use it to send unauthorized emails from your account.

Other scams will appear as a GPT site, similar to the ones on my list.

Unfortunately, scam GPT sites will never pay you and instead are simply looking for people to interact with their advertisers for free while they all make money.

If you are ever unsure if the "Make Money Online" site is legitimate, check the work at Home Adventures first.

We have many reviews for these types of sites.

Legal sites that pay for reading emails in India and around the world

If you want to let go of the hassle and find some legal sites that will pay you to read emails in cash or rewards, then you will come to the right place.

Some of these are sites that I have used myself and others that have proven to provide payments based on legitimate reviews from Indians and around the world.

Swagbucks - USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, India, Australia and Ireland, 13+

Swagbucks is, in my opinion, the best GPT site. Our partners have received many payments from here so I know it is legal.

And, it is so easy to earn with so many possibilities.

Swagbucks has an "inbox" on their site where you can read emails and make some money by completing tasks in emails. But, the site sometimes sends actual emails to your personal inbox, including advertisers.

It will list right in the email how much you can be paid to complete the offer from the advertiser, or simply to click to confirm you read the email.

Each click pays a few SBs, the currency of the site.You do not need multiple SBs in exchange for one of the many rewards on the site.

Some gift cards, for example, are as low as 85 SB!

Join SwagBucks here

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Inbox2Cash - Worldwide, 14+

The site has been around for a few years and is not one of the most well-known, but it may be worth a try. Just sign up for free, confirm your email, and then wait for offers to come to you.

You will be paid between $ 0.01 and $ 0.05 for every email you read, plus 30% of your referrals earning anything for life.

There is also a premium subscription that you can choose to earn more money per paid email.

Sign up here - Worldwide, 18+ is a bit wrong to watch, but this is another one that will pay you to read emails.

Since it pays in various forms, such as bitcoins and payers, almost anyone in any country can join if they are of legal age.

You just have to enter your email address on the front page (it is best to use Gmail, as many other email providers block email from the site). You will then be paid to open and click the link in the email.

You can earn up to 50 cents per 1,000 clicks, but when you start referring your friends they can earn more and they become active.

UniqPaid - Worldwide

One of the things I love about UniqPaid is that it pays instantly with PayPal. You can transfer your earnings to your account even if it is only 1 percent! It has also been around for many years and, although its design has not been updated, it is still a contender in the realm of GPT sites.

As an added bonus, you will get an additional 10% on any cash offers you complete within the first 2 days of signing up.

You will also earn money by reading your partner's email.

SendEarnings - Worldwide, 18+

The site is similar to InboxDollars as it is owned by the same company.

You will also get a $ 5 bonus for joining SendEarnings and you can earn in many ways including paid emails. SendEarnings is not quite as large or popular as InboxDollars, so you might not see as many offers here.

But, this is another way to earn a little extra from very little work!

Once you reach at least $ 30 in your account, you can withdraw cash.

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CashCrate - Worldwide, 13+

Cash Crate is a GPT site that has been around for many years. It pays you $ 1 to sign up! Although it is open on an international level, those from the US have the most opportunities to earn cash.

Cash Crate sends very frequent affiliate emails that you can pay to read or click a link on the advertiser's website. Although email has not paid you much, if you want something that you want you can earn a good amount by completing the offer.

Cash Crate has some good cash back offers for purchases or other interactions from partners.

Cash crate monthly payment.

InboxDollar - Worldwide, 18+

InboxDollars is one of my most favorite ways to earn some extra money online. And, it pays you to read the email!

It is actually one of the most active GPT sites in the region, offering a continuous flow of paid emails that can earn you up to a few percent.

To credit InboxDollars to you, all you have to do is click on the link that is in the email. This will either direct you to the InboxDollars website for further instructions, or directly to the advertiser's site.

When you have read it, you confirm that you will get credit immediately.

And, you can also get a bonus on completing specific tasks on the website, which you can see on the front page when you sign in!

Usually, verifying a certain amount of paid emails is one of the bonus tasks that can earn you even more money.

You need a minimum of $ 30 in your InboxDollars account to cash in.

Join InboxDollars here

Many other websites of paid to click (PTC) are paid by looking at advertisements, NEOBUX and many more but without any experience we can’t say legit or scam.How do you think about this opportunity, please comment below inbox.

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