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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Career in Computer Networking: Add Career Strings Here

There is a great demand of youth for IT

companies in the storage area network or wherever store data needs to be moved from one pool to another pool or several other pools. This is an area in which one does not have to wait long for a job after mastering it. Anyway, internship is done in most of the related courses.

During this time only the income of the youth also starts. If the company finds the student's work interesting during the internship, he also gets a job offer there.

SAN machines work in companies such as Google, Apple and IBM to properly secure their data and IT systems.

Gay was born with these machines. MP3 is a spelling, where data is controlled and documented with software. Homosexual is not possible without these machines. These machines are quite useless, so not every institute providing courses is available.

Before selecting the course, find out how much practice is available in the institute. Companies today also need paper and skilled youth.

Companies want them to have employees who are well aware of their work and work culture. So that they do not have to teach work.

Therefore, the demand for skilled youth in storage sector networking is increasing today.

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Syllabus (chip-level work)

The curriculum for this course includes practical, software and hardware information on computer architecture, teaching chip-level work on a server machine, and working on fully operational cloud and SAN machines, data management, and SAN machines up to disaster recovery levels Have to work.

Storage Array Network (SAN) course

This course lasts from 18 months to two years in various institutions. Theory and Practicals are conducted for the first eight to 10 months of the course. After this, internships are conducted in the respective companies. During the internship, students reach the skill level of majors.

After the course, they can get a job of 20 to 25 thousand rupees in these companies. As the quality of work increases, the salary can also increase up to one lakh rupees.

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Worth of course

This course is for students of 12th or graduate / B.Tech / B.Ed. In 12th you do not have a subject, it does not matter, but the students of 12th are given a one to two month foundation course, in which they are familiar with technology and then study further.

BTech or computer hardware, networking students can also take practical training, so that they can adapt to the demand of companies.

Storage area network i.e. SAN. It is a high-speed network, or sub-network, that connects a shared pool of storage devices to multiple servers. This course can make a career in IT.

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Institutions this course

- Logic Institute of Technologies, Kochi website

- National Institute of Electronics and Information Technologies, Blackcut

- Advanced School of Arts and Technology website

- Vivekananda IT Institute, Vadodara

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