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Thursday, March 4, 2021

How to keep pace between jobs and life?

 If you have full time job and trying to balance

your life, then you are on right path because One reason for changing jobs in the new generation is not being able to create a synergy between office and life. The frustration resulting from this does not allow them to be positive in work.

Marketing professional Rekha leaves from home around 8 am to reach office by 9.30 am. The pressure to achieve the target dominates the mind even when reaching the office from home.

The guilt of not being able to do some household chores with work pressure keeps churning the mind.

In the metropolitan lifestyle, there is also pressure for men to coordinate between office and life.

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This synergy is not easy:

It is a difficult goal to create synergy outside the home. According to a job portal, about 60 percent of Indian professionals believe that it is far-fetched for them to coordinate between home and office.

It is causing many problems like insomnia, restlessness, depression.

The question of balance:

what does the harmony between office and life mean? Abhinav, a 22-year-old software engineer, says, 'For me it means flexible hours of work, getting some time out for my hobbies and interests and yes, after returning home and not working on vacation days and also the convenience of work from home.

Ramu, fond of music and art, cannot find time for his interests, which bothers him and is busy trying to change jobs.

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Employers are also supporting

In large cities, many companies have started work from home facilities, but this system cannot be said to be very successful in the Indian family structure. Many companies are pushing their employees to go on holidays.

Additional allowances are also being given for this. In view of the frequent changing of jobs in the last few years, companies are also considering how their employees can take their holidays along with work so that they can create better coordination in office and life.

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How to adjust both?

First of all, accept that if one is successful on one front, there will definitely be a shortfall in the other.

Therefore, keep expectations from yourself according to the actual conditions.

- Choose the work you love for yourself. If you are in a profession that you do not love, then you will not be comfortable with it.

- Do not ignore your health. Nothing is so important that health is denied to him.

- Learn to share responsibilities among people instead of doing everything. Whether at home or office, team work is in everyone's interest.

- Learn to separate yourself from work. Sometimes the work gets so much that people are thinking about the same even in their spare time. Take recourse to meditation or yoga to keep the mind calm.

Get the job done on time and take vacations to spend time between family.

How do you think about above pace between jobs and life, Please commentin the blow box.

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