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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Career in Video Editing: Eligibility, Qualification and Career Growth in India

 How to Become a Video Editor? Nowadays

career in video editing in India is quite promising because every aspect of life is being covered in many videos nowadays. You can become a video editor and earn a good income by showing your creativity and talent through your videos.

Video editing is no longer a new word for us. In this online and internet era, people can watch videos related to any topic they want on their mobile, computer or TV 24x7 hours. Along with entertaining our videos, we also provide the necessary and special information in a very good way. It is now very easy to understand any subject or gain any specific information by watching the video. 

Around the world, innumerable videos on many languages and topics are made daily and shown on electronic media or uploaded on social media.

Now, various professionals also upload videos with their resumes or on their social media portal to give their introductions and sample work related to their profession. Nowadays recruiters of the country and the world also inquire about their future employees on various social media portals. In such a situation, making a video is special in itself, but it is even more important to make that video maximum effective and logical through successful editing …… so let us today the career, eligibility and career of video editor Let's talk about growth only in this article.

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What is this video editing after all?

If we only watch the video then we realize one thing: how many scenes in a single video keep coming together without any interruption? The sound also matches perfectly with the video scenes. Whether this video is 5 minutes or 15 - 20 minutes or even more than that of the durations video… .The most important thing is the effective presentation of this video. Much of its credit goes to the work of video editing.

Now often the question arises in our mind that what is this video editing?

Actually, in the work of video editing, all the visuals and sound of a video are edited and made effective and presentable. It may take a few hours to shoot and record a video. But through video editing, only the most important and meaningful video scenes and sounds are included in that video.
In fact, video editors also work to fit the sound track well into the recorded video and then your effective audio-visual video is prepared.

Now-a-days, U-Tubers often make videos by choosing a topic of their choice alone and then editing their own videos. If the video editing is not effective then viewers will not like the video and then you will not get likes, shares on various social media. Therefore, perfect video editing is a demand of today's time, which professionals associated with video creations cannot ignore. Nowadays, it is the era of digital video editing.

Key Qualities to Become a Video Editor
'Video editing' is really a professional field. Those who are interested in working in this video field, they can start their career in this field. For the profession of video editing, you should have good technical skills with creativity. Similarly, to become a successful video editor, you must also have great imagination, sharp eyes and analytical skills. The success of video editing also depends heavily on the quality of your teamwork.

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Attributes like complete dedication to your work and self-motivation also make you an expert in video editing work.

Importance of various courses in video editing for college students

Nowadays, when we can watch the desired videos on our smartphone, laptop or computer on many topics at any time, in such a situation, basic information about video editing is very important for college students. If you want to take a suitable course in multimedia, then these skills will be taught to you as a part of your course. In fact, it has become very important for all students to learn the basics of video editing.

Making videos is the most effective way of expressing your thoughts and giving office presentations. After doing a suitable course in video editing, you can also become an amateur U-tuber.

After a well-edited video graduation, you can prove very helpful in getting a job.

Eligibility Criteria for Educational Courses for Video Editing

12th class pass students can take admission in various diploma, certificate or degree level courses from any educational board. Various diploma and certificate courses in video editing are usually short-term courses. But to work on the post of a video editor in a big media company or channel, candidates must have a degree of graduation (including related subject).

In the field of video editing, a student must have a graduation degree to do post graduation and PG diploma or PG certificate course.

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Educational courses leading the field of video editing in India

If you want to start your career in the field of video editing, in our country you can do the following educational courses in the field of video editing:

Diploma and certificate courses

Diploma - Film Editing
• Diploma - Video editing
• Diploma - Video editing and sound recording
Certificate - Digital Editing
• Certificate - Video editing
• Certificate - Non-linear editing
• Certificate - Professional Video Editing in Final Cut Pro
• Certificate - Professional Video Editing in Avid Media Composer
Graduation level course
• Bachelor of Arts - Video Editing and Videography

Postgraduate level courses

• Master of Arts - Video Editing and Videography
• Postgraduate Certificate - Video Editing
• Postgraduate Diploma - Video Editing
• Post Graduate Diploma - Editing (Post Production)

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Major institutes conducting video editing courses in India

In our country, you can do any course related to video editing from the following institutions:
Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
• Mass Communication Research Center, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi
• Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata
• EditWorks School of Mass Communication, Noida
• South Delhi Polytechnic for Women. new Delhi
• YMCA Center for Mass Media, New Delhi
• Tezpur University, Assam
• Fortune Institute of Communication and Television, New Delhi
• Asian Academy of Field and TV, Noida
• Bihar Institute of Film and Television, Patna

Modern and best tools for video editing

Windows Movie Maker
• Wax
• Blender
• Light Works
• Virtual Dub
• Go Animate
• Adobe Premiere Pro
• Viewix
• screen flow
• Video Scribe

Video Editor's salary in India

In the field of video editing in our country, initially a professional gets 20 thousand - 25 thousand rupees monthly. After a few years work experience, these professionals get 50 thousand rupees monthly.

A talented video editor also gets up to 50 thousand rupees for each video assignment. In a big institute or studio, these professionals can also get an average of 75 thousand rupees monthly.

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India's leading video production agencies

• wow makers
• Flatworld Solutions
• Communication Crafts
• what a story
• Videos for Everyone
• Dharmesh Editing
• Lion Eye Studio
• The Rainbow Films and Advertising
• Nandashree Entertainment

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