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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Want to work away from home? then these Top Countries are ready to welcome, Know the purpose and expenses

 Stayed in the boundary wall of the house and

have been able to handle the office work?  Is there a desire in the mind to settle between the waves of the sea or the beauty of the mountains?

However, thinking of technical obstacles do not dare to leave the city?  If so, don't worry.  

All countries including Germany, Barbados, Bermuda, Estonia, with better internet connectivity have found a solution to your confusion.

They have introduced special short-term visas so that employees can sit in the lap of nature and relieve stress.

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- Introduced a 12-month Welcome Stamp Visa to facilitate jobless people to stay in Barbados to handle office work.  For the application, documents such as birth certificate, employment certificate and copy of passport will have to be uploaded on the website of Pertian Department.

 -02 thousand dollars (about 1.5 lakh rupees) is kept personal visa fee

03 thousand dollars (about 2.25 lakh rupees) to get a visa for the whole family.

2. Estonia

- Preparing to welcome 1800 foreigners under 'Nomad Visa Scheme'.  Those wishing to apply will have to produce a certificate for a monthly income of at least $ 3988 (about Rs 2.99 lakh).  They will also have to submit a copy of all verified documents related to the job.

 -117 (about 8777 rupees) fee to be paid during the visa application


- At the beginning of July, announced the introduction of a new citizenship certificate policy, under which students / working people above 18 years of age will be able to study or work while living in Bermuda throughout the year.  However, they will have to have mandatory admission / job certificate and health insurance in a valid institution.

-263 dollars (about 19725 rupees) will cost to get the citizenship certificate.

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4.Chek Republic

- Offered 'Jeevan Visa' for foreign employees equipped with freelancers and 'work from home' facility.  It is possible to apply by visiting the Consulate of the Czech Republic located in your country.  Income certificate, travel insurance and accommodation certificate have to be provided along with the visa form.


- Announced to provide self-employment visa for the whole year.  However, it is mandatory for the applicant to demonstrate skills that are necessary to gain employment in Portugal.  Applicants will be introduced to various clients after passing the Visa Tact.  Their account will also be opened in Portuguese bank.

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6. Germany

- Freelancing people can apply for 'Fraberfler Visa' by visiting the Germany government website, which allows them to settle their work for three months in the country.  Applicants must present documents related to income, travel insurance and employers' approval in the visa form.


-The 'temporary residence visa' will allow employed people to stay in Mexico year-round.  However, they cannot work with local bodies.  For the application, it would be necessary to show a monthly income of $ 1620 (about Rs. 1.21 lakh) or bank balance of 27 thousand dollars (about 20.25 lakh rupees).

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What is the purpose?

Will help to revive tourism industry stalled for months due to Corona infection

- Foreign citizens will be able to contribute to the economy without taking away the employment of local people

In this way, you can full fill your dreams and can enjoy your life with family and friends. How did you feel after reading this article, Please comment below in the box.

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