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Monday, June 14, 2021

Career in Robotics: How to make a career in Robotics field, Possibilities, Opportunities and veteran institutes

Robotics has become one of the fastest

growing professions in the present era.  Robotics engineers play an important role in making affordable and useful products with artificial intelligence.  

India is the fastest growing market in the world in terms of technology and innovation.  According to industry experts, robotics and automation can bring a new revolution in the industry and can completely change the way of working.

  Robots are capable of doing all such tasks, which are difficult for humans or which they do not like to do.  Many robots are also used for tasks that are considered dangerous to humans, such as digging mines or detonating bombs.

 Today, there are all kinds of possibilities for the youth in the robotics profession, from good salary to career advancement.  Robotics is basically a branch of engineering, which is associated with making robots. 

 Robots are program based machines, which perform many important tasks by themselves or with some external assistance.  This includes the designing, manufacturing and programming of robots. 

 It is very useful in projects related to transport, production, manufacturing, medical and military.  

For those wishing to go into this field, it is necessary to have an understanding of both mechanical and electrical engineering.

Robotics is creating many new opportunities for students and entrepreneurs. 

 Robotic technology is widely used in the automotive industry, nuclear power, defence, space, construction, metals and textiles etc.  The use of robots has become common in industries to increase production efficiency. 

 Even in operation theaters and rehabilitation centers, they are used to improve the quality of life.  There is no dearth of opportunities for the youth having the right skill set in this emerging field.

 Opportunities available in these areas

 Space Research: Robotics engineers work in space research organizations such as ISRO, NASA etc., where robotic technology and artificial intelligence are used.

 Medical field: Robots are majorly used in the rehabilitation sector of surgery and medicine.  Robotic devices are used in many types of therapy.  

Here also there are good opportunities to work for robotics engineers.

Private entities: Robotics engineers design and test robotic systems in private companies, creating software and automated tools for companies to use.

 Entertainment: Robotics professionals are in high demand in the gaming industry, where they use robotics and artificial intelligence to create fun video games.

 Investigations: Investigative agencies and police departments use robots on a large scale.  In particular, robots and artificial intelligence are used to find and defuse dangerous bombs.

 Banking: Robots are also used in the banking sector for work related to banking and stocks.

 Invention: Automation experts with an interest in research can also become scientists, where they can design robotic systems and develop new technologies to promote automation.

 Robotic Programmers: These are responsible for designing, building and executing automated and self-controlled business processes.

 Robotics System Engineer: These skilled professionals build robotic systems using computer based design and manufacturing.  These engineers are also responsible for making robotic systems safe and economical.

 Robot Design Engineers: Robotic design engineers are professionals who create materials related to robotic systems using designing software.  There is a lot of demand for them too.

 Automated Product Design Engineers: These professionals design automated parts and produce them as needed.

 Robotics Test Engineer: Robotics Test Engineers examine automation systems that have been designed and developed.  These professionals also take care that the robotic system is safe for the users.


 Job Security: The number of people coming in this career is limited and the number of robotic professionals is more, so they get good salary.  Professionals who are interested in creating something new, enjoy working in this field and get satisfaction from getting good salary according to the work.

 Reputation: Robotics professionals usually innovate and work on a variety of models with similar professionals.  Due to this their demand always remains and their reputation regarding work also remains intact.

 Diversity of work: Robotics specialists play an important role in various sectors such as production, manufacturing, medical field, power maintenance, automobile industry, nuclear power and many more. 

 This gives these professionals an opportunity to do different types of work and keep their growth intact.

 More Opportunities to Enhance Skills: You can get more opportunities if you get a master's degree. 

 Through short-term and long-term certification courses, youth can stay updated with new information, acquire proficiency in different types of work and grow rapidly in their career.


 Limited to big cities: Jobs in the field of robotics are limited to specific areas and jobs related to it are not available in small towns.

 Long working hours: This work takes a lot of time.  There is a need to be fully involved on a mental, physical and emotional level, which can sometimes feel exhausting.

 These skills are needed

 - Ability to think rationally and analyze

 - Designing Skills

 - Ability to create new and useful

 - Ability to work on solving problems

 Interested in understanding the working of machines

 Interested in knowing new information

 - Ability to work with team spirit

 how will the future be

 In today's era, there is a special emphasis of companies on digital transformation.  Emphasis is being laid on inventing new ways to bring progress in various fields.  The demand for new technology and trend-savvy people is constantly increasing and will continue to grow. 

 Artificial Intelligent Systems and Robotics have now moved beyond academic research to become mainstream. 

 Over the years, Artificial Intelligence based solutions have helped companies grow.  In such a situation, the future of robotics engineering is very bright.

 what experts say

 Rahul Prasad, co-founder and chief technical officer of Bobble AI, a company associated with artificial intelligence technology, says, “Robotics was earlier seen as a branch of engineering, but in the last few years its role has become multi-faceted.

 With the advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence), the possibilities in machine learning have increased rapidly.  There is a growing emphasis on working through small devices through AI, mass production at the right time and efficient use of resources. 

 It has been named 'Artificial Intelligence of Things'.  Salary is also good in this field.  The starting package can be 5-6 lakhs per annum.  When Professional Team Leads, They Can Earn Up To 40-50 Lakhs Annually In 5-8 Years.  Entrepreneurship also has good potential here, as there is continuous development in this field.  

There are many possibilities like equipment, automated rescue systems, decentralized robotics (in which other robots work together with a centralized robot like humans). 

 Although there are some challenges in this field, such as making the best work with the help of systems and controlling the prices by making AI based machines, so that the customer can get more facilities at less cost, but despite all this, the youth have to make their mark in this field.  There are good opportunities to move forward on the strength of talent.

 Robotics veteran institute

 - Precision Automation & Robotics India Limited

 - Indian Space Research Organization

 Defense Research and Development Organization

 - Indian Institute of Technology

 Bhabha Atomic Research Center

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