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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Career In Data Science : Make a Career in Data Science, Increasing Opportunities for Jobs, Attractive Salary

Career In Data Science According to a study by edutech company Great Learning, the demand for professionals in the field of analytics and

data science has increased rapidly after the Corona crisis. 

 By the way, the eyes of the whole world are on this technology nowadays.

 Due to the basic need of technological advancement, opportunities for data science experts are increasing rapidly.

 Career In Data Science Data Science is the most demanding subject of career in today's time.  This is because with the advent of smartphones and internet media, the consumption of data has increased manifold.

 This data is everywhere today.  It is a universal currency for companies.  Through this data, companies are able to easily understand the demand of customers and their preferences etc.

 The process of collecting data (numerical, text, video, audio etc.) is called data science.  This is also called data analytics.

 Under Data Science, there are mainly four types of tasks like storing, processing, describing and modeling.

 In data storage, the collected data is kept safe.  This protected data is usually stored in a database or data-warehouse.  Its next step is processing.

 Data processing includes functions such as data wrangling (extraction, transformation and data loading), data cleaning and data scaling.  The third phase of data science consists of tasks such as data describing, in which data is made understandable using graphs, charts, diagrams or other Visualizations.

 The last step is the modeling of the data i.e. in which conclusions are drawn on the basis of the underlying distributions in the data.

 Growing Potential: According to a study, around 28 percent of the world's data scientists are needed right now.

 Despite all the decline in the market during the Corona period, there was a huge demand in the field of data science as a career option in 2020.

 Anyway, data science is one of the most important technical skills of the 21st century.  The market for this technology field is continuously growing in the country.

 With the increase in data storage manifold due to the boom in online activities in the last two years, there is a huge need for skilled people who can analyze the collected data and help companies and financial institutions to grow their business.

 Currently, this demand for data specialists is expected to increase rapidly in the coming decade as most of the business and transactions are done online.

 According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the year 2026, 11.5 million new jobs will be created in this field in the world.

 Better for Programming/Maths Students: Data Science is a good career option for every young person today, who has knowledge of any programming language and has passed class XII with good marks in Mathematics.

 Actually, under data science, the programming language Python is used to collect, store, Analyze and Visualize data sets.  Apart from this, the necessary statistical knowledge is also required for the presentation of data.

 Therefore, to move fast in this field, along with programming, one should have a good hold on mathematics.

 The options are many: One can make a career in various roles by acquiring proficiency and work proficiency in data science.

 Currently, the top job creators in this field are IBM India, Accenture, HCL Technologies, Infosys, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, Dell and Cholebra Technologies, where data engineers, data administrators, and data administrators apart from data scientists. 

 Such professionals are providing their services in positions like Specialist, Machine Learning Engineer, Research Scientist and Software Analyst and Developer.

 With the increasing technology, it is believed that in the coming days, there will be a good demand for them in sectors like agriculture, healthcare, aviation, cyber security, weather, e-commerce, because in these areas also data science to draw conclusions and forecast from data.  Professionals will be required.

 Obviously, this will open more opportunities for employment as a data scientist.

 Courses and Qualifications: In view of the growing need of data science in the market, courses like full time B.Tech degree have been started in recent years in various institutes to develop the necessary skills in data scientists and to meet the growing needs of data analysis industry.  To fill the talent gap.

 This four-year undergraduate program is primarily designed with a focus on future data experts with expertise in topics such as Data Analytics, Statistical Modeling, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, R Programming, Data Mining, Visualization and Business Intelligence.  information is given about.

 This course can be done after 12th with Maths subject.  Courses like Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (Data Science) can also be done in IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur, IIIT Bangalore etc.

 Bachelors degree in IT, Computer Science, Maths, Statistics, Physics, Engineering can do this course.

 Also, if you want to learn online, you can explore the platforms of C-DAC, SimplyLearn, Jigsaw Academy, Edureka, Learnbay etc.  Short term courses in data analytics are also being conducted here.

 Attractive Salary: Along with having a challenging career in data science, the youth also get a good pay package.  In India, according to Glassdoor, the average salary of a data scientist in 2020 was Rs 10 lakh per annum.

 Well, it is one of the few hyping careers where people are getting good salary offers from the very beginning.

 The best part is that after the completion of the Data Science course, students immediately get opportunities in good companies.

 premier institute:

 IIT Kharagpur

 Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

 IIT Bangalore

 GL Bajaj, Greater Noida

 Youth will be ready according to the changing needs: Pankaj Aggarwal, Vice Chairman, Greater Noida GL Bajaj said that technological advancement and information revolution have opened new avenues of opportunities in the form of data science along with challenges.

 In view of the rapidly increasing demand for knowledge of this subject in the country and the world, full time courses have been started in all the reputed institutes.

 Keeping in view the ever-changing needs of the industry and technology world, the challenge is to prepare the youth interested in this subject with updated skills.

 The institutes and faculty can upgrade themselves according to this change and educate-train the students well so that they can be taken up by the industry.

 The good thing is that after the implementation of the new education policy, with the help of the industry, it will now become easier to train them practically.

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